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lingering problems

so, after doing the regimen for almost a month now, i can say i'm about 90% clear, which is fine with me because i know it will continue to get better! however, on my cheeks (where most of my acne was before) i still have these tiny plugged pores, like blackheads almost... they're not noticable with makeup but i can see them without it when i look closely and i can sometimes feel them. i know if i squeezed at them all the stuff would come out, but i dont want to make a mess of my face so i've been resisting the temptation. it's kind of gross i know... anyway, will continued use of the regimen and lots of bp make these go away eventually?

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hmm thier like white things and if u strech out your skin they become more visible? if thats what they are then i have them also on my chin :D , hmm for me it looks lkethe bp is slowly making it come ot the surface then just dies in air.

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i don't recommend squeezing it out yourself! you can accidently infect it with bacteria from your finger nails or push it further down into your skin, making the problem worse. or spread it around, yuck! if you really want to remove the stuff, visit a asthetician or a dermatologist and have them manually remove it for you. i think we all need to get extractions a few times a year, this removes any hard particles left over in your skin from acne and such.

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