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Hey. Been on the regimen for about 9 weeks now and have recently stepped up the BP amount I'm using since I didn't seem to really be getting anywhere too fast. I've never had acne severe but it's enough to annoy me and make me self-conscious. I'm looking better than I did with no real bad spots for a while but a few annoying ones. The main thing thats bothering me is the blotchiness and redness as well as the dry skin (mainly just below my mouth for the blotchiness and on my cheeks for the dryness). Any suggestions to get rid of this, or at least improve it? I tried using the Eucerin extremely dry skin cream with 10% urea but I'm not sure if its right for my skin since it seems strong - could this make the redness worse?

Currently I use/do

Morning -


Simple Moisturising Wash (no perfumes, colours, pH balanced etc.)

BP 2.5%

Simple Rich Moisturiser (again no additives)

(if skin is really dry - Eucerin Extremely Dry Skin Cream on dry areas)

Night -

Wash with the Simple wash stuff

BP 2.5%

Simple Rich Moisturiser


In addition I take vitamins and prescription for acne by doctor (Erythromicin).

Comments / Advice welcome. Cheers.

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you can consider finding a moisturizer with a small amount of AHA (glycolic acid or lactic acid) in it, that usually helps with the dryness and flakiness. Although it you get one that is too strong, it can actually make the problem worse. So try to find a product with just a little AHA.

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