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In may I developed mild acne, but when it heeled, they turned into large dark patches. Now I have 2 large dark patches about 3 inches all around on my cheeks. Im African American, and I watned to know if anyone has tried anything, or know anything that works???? Im Desperate, I cant even hide them with makeup.

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how long have they been that way? Unfortunately darker skin takes a long time to normalize after pigmentation changes.

Its been this way for about 3-4 months. I see improvment, but its very slow...........

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hey dsweety,

i'm not sure how much research you've done about why you have the dark areas on your face after the breakouts. but just in case you haven't, what you're experiencing is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. i am also an african american female who's been through plenty of dermatologists, personal experience and internet searches to know it for myself. i'm not a doctor or anything, but i can make a few recommendations, as i said, from personal experience.

ultimately, to cure yourself of hyperpigmentation, you must first cure yourself of acne. well, that part hasn't really happened for me yet, so i'm still perfecting a regimen. but when my skin is NOT breaking out, like you, i have dark spots from previous acne to worry about. but i have found a few products that help fade them. for a while i was using Ambi Fade Cream for oily skin. it really made my skin softer without it clogging pores because it was a cream. if you purchase this from Walgreen's or any hair and beauty store, it's like $6, make sure you squeeze out the first centimeter or so. it's the oily part, so get rid of it, and get to the creamy part. i also purchased a Shiseido product called Haku when i spent some time in japan. Shiseido is a Japanese company that specializes in skin lightening formulas. they are pretty pricy, but you are getting top of the line product for ethnic skin (japanese skin really, but i believe it matches the oil contents of black skin from my own little research, but that's my opinion). you can purchase their "white lucent" collection from many major cosmetic counters in malls. these two topical creams felt great on my skin without causing more blemishes.

also, if your skin is not really sensitive, make sure you exfoliate two or three times a week. this helps to rid your face of old dead skin (the top layers of your dark spots) and generate cell regrowth (the normal tones underneath your dark spots). i personally use "juliet's clean and smooth" which i purchase from an ebay store for $25 for a huge 15 fl. oz. bottle including shipping. it lasts for months. i like it because ALL of it's products are natural and when i'm not experiencing pre-menstral acne, this is the ONLY product that keeps me virtually pimple free. (i would use it every day instead of cleanser, no toners, no astringents, no nothing else. just this in the morning and evening, and perhaps a glycerin soap sometimes to remove eye make up).

i also just discovered a product called porever pure. i have only used it for a week and it makes the skin peel off the dead skin at an accelerated rate. and when i say peel, i mean peal. it's not painful, just not so attractive. you don't really want to put make-up on top of that, so i tried it on a long weekend i spent in the house. it seemed extremely effective in reducing the size of my active pimples overnight, but i haven't used it long enough to recommend it for fading scars, though that's what it's advertised to do. i'll try to update the board with my results. sunscreen also helps the dark spots from getting darker.

but whatever product you use make sure it is non-comogenic. in english, this means non-pore clogging. it will take a bit of time to heal the skin of hyperpigmentation, but these tips may help it go away faster. i'll put links to the products i mentioned below so you can read more about them. i hope some of this helps a bit. best of luck to ya.







porever pure


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