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13 factors that aggravate acne

I found this to be very true!


The male hormone testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands for females.

Stress activates the adrenal gland to produce extra hormones, which eventually result in flare-ups in acne sensitive pores.

Stress is any change whether negative or positive.

Stress is neither good or bad, it is the amount of stress or the way we handle it.


Ultra Violet Rays from the sun, damage and irritate the skin.

Sun damages and prematurely ages the skin.

The rays reach down into the collagen layer and break skin down. It is most evident years later.


The male hormone testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands for females.

Testosterone production is higher in October and low in May.

Fluctuations of hormones is apparently triggered by the changing day lengths or specifically by the exposure to Ultra Violet Light.


Acne is more severe in hot, humid climates.

Steam rooms, facial saunas, and hot tubs cause swelling of the skin, which closes the pores instead of opening them.

Exception: steaming the face prior to a treatment by a certified dermatologist or esthetician can help in the process of treating acne.


Pressure or any kind of RUBBING or MANIPULATION make acne worse.

Manipulation encourages pustules to rupture.

Any item that constricts, rubs, exerts prolonged pressure, overheats, or keeps your skin sweaty and moist can cause problems.


Picking can promote scarring by driving the inflammation deeper.

Industrial Chemicals

Various industrial chemicals and oils can cause acne when in contact with the skin.

DIOXIN is a chemical found in herbicides, and may cause cancer and other harmful side effects. Coal tars and mineral pitches can cause acne.

Cutting oils, oil and grease saturated clothing rubbing against the skin can cause aggravation.


Diet does not cause acne however, ingredients and substances in the diet may aggravate acne. Excessive intake of Iodide or Iodine: once ingested and mixed into the bloodstream, excess iodide is excreted through the oil glands, irritating the pore and causing acne flare-ups.


Certain drugs can actually induce acne in skin, such as steroids, or testosterone injections.

Menstrual Cycle

Ten days before onset of menstruation can cause acne flare-up.

Irregular menstrual cycle can lead to flare-ups of acne as well.


Flare ups may occur during the first trimester due to a hormone shift. During the second and third trimester, the body is flooded with extra estrogen which reduces sebum flow.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can cause flare ups or can cause skin to clear. Pills with higher amounts of estrogen help to clear acne, while pills with higher amounts of testosterone result in flare ups.


Cosmetics increase the chance of acne flare-ups due to certain ingredients in makeup.

Substances such as Lanolin penetrate the pore, causing whiteheads to form. Foundations containing Isopropyl Myristate cause makeup to adhere to skin and penetrate pores causing acne.

source: http://www.myskintherapy.com/13factors.htm

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I found sunlight to be very helpful for my acne. Sure, it's not any good when considering long term effects, but hey: laying on the beach, having the sun burning your skin, and relaxing, that's by far the best acne remedy I know!!

About the steam: It works for my quite well!

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