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I told my parents to buy me a Aloe Vera soap (I really wasn't sure of the name). Well they bought a Aloe Soap (it only said Aloe on it :() and at the back it only says its a good hand wash doesnt say anything about a face wash...does this mean that i shouldnt use it on my face and...is the soap product that i want to get even called "Aloe Vera" if not please please PLEASE tell me what the real name is.

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Dr. Bronner's makes an aloe liquid castille soap (only aloe cleanser I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there's plenty). I've used their peppermint and almond soap before. They make bar soaps too I believe. I don't like soap on my skin (even the good non-drying stuff) since it leaves a film though. Your best bet to find a soap or facial wash with aloe (other than buying online) will probably be your nearest organic-type shop or even the body shop (they're usually on the expensive side though) at the mall. My local Wegmans (grocery store chain in western New York) has a nice whole foods section with this type of stuff. If you have a particularly large supermarket (I think we in western New York may be the only ones to call grocery stores this) near you, you might look for an organic/whole foods section. I know they sell aloe moisturizing gels and toners as well. One of these places will very likely carry an aloe cleanser meant for faces. If your parents went to a normal store, the aloe hand soap was likely all available there, and hence they bought that.

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actually the bar I am currently using has aloe vera in it. It is called Basis bar soap for sensitive skin. Not sure where you can buy it, but good luck. It's really gentle, and inexpensive. Try a bar.

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If you buy commercial product, you wouldn't know how much aloe vera they use on the product, unless they put aloe vera as primary ingredient. If you want to make your own mild aloe vera 'soap', try this :

1 part baking soda

2 part aloe vera gel (I use it directly from the plant, but you can buy it at most health store for practical reason)

3 part rosewater (spring water will do well if you prefer 'unscented soap')

Disolve baking soda in gently warmed rosewater (or plain spring water), pour in the aloe gel and stir well. You might need to mix them in a blender if you use fresh aloe from the plant. Make it in small batch and refrigerate after use. I usually use 1 tbs baking soda, 2 tbs aloe vera, 3 tbs rosewater (I buy the cheap but food grade one in Indian or Middle Eastern stores) and add several drops of geranium, my favorit essential oil. I put it in a small dispenser like regular liquid soap and use it as 3 in 1 cleanser (facial cleanser, body cleanser and shampoo, too). If you feel it is too drying, dilute it with water and reduce the baking soda next time.

It is very good and gentle even for sensitive skin. It doesn't have any synthetic surfactant, no detergent, not even traditional lye. The primary cleansing agents are the aloe and the plain food grade baking soda, no toxic ingredients. I use it when I don't have time to make my favorite milk, honey and oatmeal cleanser :) or greentea and soapnut shampoo(because I have to make them fresh each time). Just make it in small batch, keep it refrigerated and use it within a month (2 weeks if you use fresh aloe vera plant).

As most natural soap, it wont lather much, but it cleans very well. I love it especially for shampoo (I prefer honey and milk as facial cleanser). I have very oily hair and the aloe-bakingsoda-rosewater is one of the best shampoo I've ever tried. :)

Have fun! :(

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