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newbie here

hey everyone... i'm new here... i just ordered Dan's BP gel, and after i run out of my current ProActiv supplies, i'm going to give The Regimen a try.

i'll be 30 this year, and about 4 years ago, i developed adult onset acne after years of having great skin with only the occasional breakout. my acne was moderate, but definitely affected me psychologically; my self esteem really suffered. not only was the acne ugly and painful, but it scarred my mind just as much as -- if not more than -- my skin.

the first time i tried ProActiv, it was a disaster; my breakouts just got much worse and i had to return the products. over time, my skin slowly got better, but still not great. products that are supposed to be great, like Cetaphil, only make my skin break out. i guess it's because my skin is relatively oily and Cetaphil is so emolient that it clogs my pores. anyway, i decided to give ProActiv another shot, and this time it seems to be working really well. it's just so expensive!

so, i have about one day left of the ProActiv toner and maybe a week or two left in the cleanser and repairing lotion. by the time i run out of those products, the BP Gel should be here.

my plan is to use Skin Milk Foaming Face Wash for the cleanser, Witch Hazel as a toner (i know it's not part of the regimen, but i have always used a toner and it works well with my skin), and Skin Milk Facial Moisturizer. i already use the Skin Milk products -- in fact, i use their entire line of products (bath, body, and face) and they are fantastic. very gentle, effective, and inexpensive. cruelty-free, too! (i was elated to see that Dan's gel is also cruelty-free!)

so, i'll be around on the boards now. i am a member of multiple online communities so sometimes my activity here might be sporadic, but even if i'm not posting, i'll be reading.

nice to meet you all...

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