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Day 62 of accutane course. My skin shown no improvement and has gotten much worse

Ive been on accutane 60mg a day for the past two months. I started it with mild acne that was extremely persistent and i was tired of. Well its no longer mild. As i am writing this right now my skin is awful. I wish i could take a picture and show you my skin before i started compared to now. accutane has made my skin so much worse!!! and what's more, it seems as if there is no hope in sight. I can see another breakout forming on my face. I can see those painful red lumps or little blackheads which always wind up turning into big yellow zits. In addition i never had cysts before i started accutane but since ive been on it i have had over five all of which are going to scar. Im totally shocked and pissed off. I thought i was going to get clear. I was aware that you might get worse before you get better but this is ridiculous. Does accutane just not work for some people? Should i cut my losses and stop taking it? Thanks for any help. Im really not sure what to do right now.

I have been insulted no less than three times since I started accutane. Everyone has told me how much worse my skin is since i started. When i came back from winter break the first thing my roomate said after hello was "what happened to your face?" Good grief this accutane sucks.

I actually posted a little while ago about the same problem http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...33entry874033

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Guest been13years

Don't be sad! I haven't been on Accutane but there are so many people with Accutane logs that say they didn't notice significant clearing till later on, and sometimes after stopping the drug. Please take a look at the Accutane logs in the Personal Regimen Logs section.

Good Luck

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Day 76/77 .. Skin is also extremely bad. Much worse than before.. It's unbelivable bad. The red marks seem redder, i get more pimples.. healing is visibly impaired.. It's all going to hell ;(

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hi honey

i had same type of acne and i broke out very bad from months 4-6 honestly i was so down. i became a bit of a recluse. but please try to think about the future. it will get better!! i'm nearing the end of a 1year course as my derm says i not responding as fast as i shud be to accutane.

so please dont lose hope as if people really care 4 u they will understand and be supportive. my family didnt understand my distress but my boyfriend was great. talk to someone even your derm if yourworried?? i phoned my derm and his nurse phoned me and reassured me.

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