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To All My Fellow Acne Sufferers: Simplicity and Moderation is the key!

Dear Everyone,

How are you? Everything is fine over here, except for one major bummer: ACNE! I've been using so many different things, but here is what works:

Washing my face 2x a day with Pear's Soap

Using Pond's Cold Cream as a moisturizer in the nightime during winter when my skin gets dry

After you have this simple regimen down (but skip the cold cream if you are super breakout prone or have allergies to any of its ingredients), go see a dermatologist for some acne medicine. DO NOT USE MEDICATED FACE WASHES! THEY ARE THE DEVIL AND WILL ONLY MAKE YOUR SKIN DRY, RED, AND FLAKY. Make sure the acne med addresses your personal concerns. Right now I use Differin cream maybe 3-4x a week, but I'm going to see if I can get prescribed Azelex instead (I have annoying PIH).

Other tips:

Stop looking in the mirror so much.

Don't touch or pick at your face.

Engage yourself in activities to forget about acne.

Try to not visit this site too much, it makes you too self-concious.

Eat healthy, excercise, read a book.

Realize that there are more important things to life.

Rub an ice cube over your face, it closes pores, and feels really nice

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

Don't put so many harsh chemicals on your face. Leave that to prescribe acne meds.

Talk to someone about your acne, you'll feel much more relieved.

PM me if you wanna talk! TTYL! ;)

Lots of love,


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