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Bobby Digital

Calamine Lotion

Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but i'd like to point this out.

Has anyone every tried Calamine lotion on acne before? The bottle will usually say its for poison-oak, but after recently having to use it for chicken-pox, I discovered that it also is pretty effective at drying up acne. This seems like a good alternative to a lot of other things because it doesn't seem to have anything harmful in it, and doesn't seem to dry to much, but is still effective. The only problem I noticed is that sometimes it will stay on your face for a while and is hard to get off without it going away naturally(it fades away into your skin naturally after a few hours, normally).

I dont really recommend this as something full time, and I dont recommend face-medications at all for that matter, but if you are trying dieting or something like that, and want to try something to dry up your acne, I suggest trying this(its only like 99 cents by the way).

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I have no idea about straight calamine, but I use a soothing lotion from Bindi that consists of

water, calamine, zinc oxide, camphor, witch hazel, neem extract, grapefruit, lavendar, rosemary. It is pinkish in color, but not as thick as straight calamine. I really like it, though since I use so many other products in my regimen, it's hard to say if this one has any real benefit.

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