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this whole mirror discussion bothers me. Considering the fact that what you see in a plane mirror is nothing but a virtual image of yourself formed by a reflection, i think its very tricky to trust them. Ever held a mirror directly in front of another one? What happens then?

consider this:

if you write down a letter d, you would see a letter b on the mirror reflection. So, when you look at yourself in the mirror, your left side appears to be your right side and viceversa. A mirror changes your image, it flips it. Therefore, a mirror does not portray the whole reality of the object being reflected.

and if you get metaphysical:

ever wonder if people see the same? For example, I know what the color red looks like, but how can i be sure that other people percieve red the same way i do? Maybe they see red like i see blue, but only have learned to identify and pinpoint this color with the name i used for another one, and nobody knows the difference, because it is imposible to get in someones mind and see what they are seeing (like for example in the movie Being John Malkovitsch). Maybe i see things in shades of grey, but for me, it is reality and the only way, so i cant compare it to nothing else.

my point is:

is reality absolute? Is reality objective? We´ve all have heard: "beauty lies in the eyes of the observer". However, to which point is this theory applicable to everyday life and to our washed-up, capitalized and industrialized concept of beauty?

maybe, just maybe, skin problems are not so bad as they appear to us, because we distort the image internaly and psycologically percieve ourselves worse than what we really are (like anorexic girls when they look in the mirror). Maybe our image of acne is psychosomatic, which means it appears (or gets worse) as a result from emotional conditions such as depression (which maybe caused by acne, and this leads to a very vicious circle).

what do you believe?

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somebody should take a philosophy degree; all these questions will be adressed!!

peace xx

I think somebody is already taking first year Philosophy ;).

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