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on the accutane rollercoaster

hello all

i have been reading some of your journals for a few weeks now. it's reassuring to hear what others in a similar situation are going through.

Basically i started Accutane 6 weeks ago.

I had mild/mod acne when i was 18/19 - went on dianette - and my skin was great for years until my doc took me off it, then gradually over the next 2 years my skin got worse with little response to dianette again and antibiotics. Therefore at 27 and with moderate acne i was keen to start tane and get back to the good skin i once had! hopefully!

The first 2 weeks on tane were uneventful, then from week 2 onwards i had major breakout - worse acne i've ever had (cysts on my jawline and cheeks - which i've never really had before). So understandably it's been quite an emotional ride. But i have gained reassurance from reading how many of you have gone through nearly exactly the same.

At 6 weeks on 35mg accutane my breakouts are easing off alittle but i have a few cysts, spots and lots of red marks! My derm has also started me on erythromycin.

I may be going up to 70mg next month but am worried about going through major breakouts again. Did people find when their dose was upped they'd breakout ? I could stay on 35mg but then that might not be enough to zap the acne - i am not experiencing dry skin or lips at this dose only dry hair.

Good luck to all on this rollercoaster ride!


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Good Luck!!!! I'm sorry, I don't know if upping the dosage will make you breakout, but you just have to look ahead at what beautiful skin you WILL have after it gets over with!

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Im on my second day of accutane and im on 40mg. I havent noticed anything but a sore throat that i dont even know if it is accutane related or not. I was just wonderin if anyone else had sore throats from accutane and when my initial breakout might occur on 40mg. Thanx

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