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need some pointers....

Alright, firstly this is my first post and i would like to thank Dan for what he has done here. I really believe in what he is doing. I know for me my acne has been a major problem resulting in low self confidence and frustration. I've had oily skin and acne since the 8th grade. I'm in my first year university and its still there. I've been using BP for a long time, but evidently not enough. I have been on antibiotics and BP 10% which the doctor perscribed to me...my skin was raw and dry at all times. Finally I decided to take a chance on this site, and it has changed my life. I started about a month ago, about a week after i pilled on the BP i was pretty much clear of new acne, this is probably because i've always used it and my skin was use to it. Anyway around this time i left for Barbados, which was beautiful, and my skin was wonderful....except i burned a few times, but over the course of 14 days i probably had around 5 new small pimples....now the thing is i used Neutragena deep clean and Oxy Sensitive Skin 2.5 BP cream. I also use evian de-stressing smoothing lotion, which really gets ride of flacky skin, for me anyway. The problem was while i was in Barbados i ran out of the Oxy 2.5 and luckily i found the On-The-Spot 2.5 (it was about 12 canadian!!) So i started using that my last day there.....now my question is, i was overly dry around my laugh lines on my face, around my mouth when i got back...and i seem to be getting some pimples there now because i had to use more moistorizer then normal....but ive also had a few break outs on my forehead.... i use about 1 and half fingers because it seems to be the right amount, 2 was too much and 1 not enough....but my questoin is should i go back to the Oxy2.5 or should i stick with OTS? Dan does explain the pimples could be caused by the sun also....so should i assume its the change in PB or should i just assume it is the after effects of the sun? i'm still much more clear then before i started but not as clear as the 2nd and 3rd week in barbados....what should be my course of action here? thank for any tips...

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Well, I think you should stick with what works. If the Oxy bp worked out better for you, and is in your area, then stick with that.

If you've only been back from your trip a short time, it may just be what you said, your skin may have gotten irritated with too much sun and sunburn.

So, my advice is to go ahead and use up what you have, and then if you felt you had better results with the Oxy, then by all means, use that one.

And, btw, welcome to the forums! Post back if you have any further questions.

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