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Hello all. I wanted to share my full and complete experience with accutane, since I found this board so helpful when I was going through my worst times. I'm 21 years old and always had acne, but only normal teenage stuff until I turned 18- then it got a lot worse. It took me three years and many doctor visits to finally convince a derm. to put me on accutane. I really did need it and the docs that were refusing me were way conservative. There were many, many lows at that point. I finally found someone who could help in New York City (I live in the midwest).

I was on 30 mg. twice a day for 5 months. I had slightly and sometimes even greatly worse acne the whole five months I was on the drug. Even for the first 3 weeks after I was done, my acne wasn't completely clear. Finally, about a week less than one month after I finished, my acne got better. My skin is clear for the most part now. I do have occasional flares, but only one pimple at a time if that. And the pimples go away much faster than before! My skin is still really dry, so I put a facial lotion (Dermalogica brand) twice a day. My scarring didn't really get worse during the Accutane period and is slowly getting better. I am looking forward to being able to do some microdermbrasion treatments when I can.

I took prenatal vitamins (nonVitamin A) throughout my time. The main side effect was the dry lips. I always had my chapstick with me and had plenty of extras on hand. Basically my lips just felt really thin and I couldn't tell where my lips started and my mouth ended, it felt like the same surface. My hair seemed to get maybe a tad thinner in the front of my head as well. I am an avid exerciser and I'm not sure if Accutane effected me or not, but exercise did get increasingly hard for me as I was on the drug. Other factors may have played a part in that as well though.

I broke some rules. I did tan in a tanning bed for one week (I covered my face with a towel) and I tanned a few times outside. It didn't seem to affect me, though I am not encouraging it! In addition, I continued the use of RetinA at times. It seemed to help. However, I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, I had no depression or other odd side effects.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I greatly encourage seeking a doctor who can help! :wub:

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Congrats! I'm on my 5th month right now..I started at 40mg a day (1 pill a day), then during my 4th month I started to take 80mg a day, since the 40mg wasn't strong enough. I noticed my pores got smaller, I don't know when my treatment is going to be over. I noticed great improvements since I upped the dosage, but the question still remains..the acne scar is still there. :cry: Isn't there a way to get rid of it. I mean I get 1 or 2 acne out of a blue, but the scarring is terrible. Does anyone know if the scars are going to heal on its on? Or there is something I can do about it. Thanks.

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I use retinA for scarring...and MicroDermbrasion (but cannot use until 6 months post accutane). You could search for some other creams that might help, Obagi is a good brand. I also have done spray tanning before and that helped cover scarring, but only for a week until it faded. Good Luck!!

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