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Am I getting cysts...?

I've been on minocycline/duac for over two years now, and am weaning myself off the mino because its making me feel dizzy/disconnected at times. I've been taking it every other day (as opposed to every day) for about a week and a half now, and for the most part my skin has stayed pretty clear so long as I kept putting Duac everywhere.

However, I'm getting a pimple on my chin that I think may be cystic. I used to get these before I started minocycline, and I think I got a few occasionaly when I was still on the mino. I need help to figure out if it can really be considered cystic though.

It's basically a red bump on my chin, maybe half as wide as a dime.. it's painful to press on, but it doesn't hurt that bad and it never hurts unless I press it. Usually when I get these it will sort of turn into a normal pimple within a few days (with one of those white caps of pus on top). It's almost like the pus is sort of pushing up from the bottom to make a pimple. These never last more than 4 or 5 days. Is it a cyst? Or just a forming pimple?

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If it's 5mm or more in diameter, it's probably a cyst. 5mm is about 1/5 of an inch. A cyst feels like there is a pea under your skin. Or, like some I've had, it feels like a marble. They can get large, swollen, painful, and sometimes they come to a head and drain. Other times, they drain internally and just fade away.

You can get them injected with kenalog if you wish. This helps them heal really fast.

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yeh i get cystic acne but has all gobe after tane and im hopeing it doent comt back. just leave it but they take a lot longer to go than normal acne. can be very painful and scars ths skin very easily if you touch them

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