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acne is sooooo last season

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well I must admit that I take that offensively that you think I look like chelsea clinton because no offense to my man Bill...but she isnt exactly what I consider attractive and she has very curly hair. So no, I don't look anything like chelsea clinton. I have long striaght hair and its streaked red and blonde..but dont worry its not trashy or anything like that. Okay. Enough about chelsea and my streaked hair. I would like to post pics but that sounds lilke a lot of work.

But back to accutane. So I have been on it for almost a month and I have noticed no difference. And no I dont mean that I expected to have clear skin- but I DID expect to have dry skin all over, chapped lips, dry eyes, dry nose, etc etc etc. I bought EVERYTHING to be prepared and now I feel kinda stupid because its all just stitting in the bag and I havent used it once. So I dont know. I do use the humidifier but I also live in Co so its super dry here.

how long did it take you guys to have "symptoms"? My lips are kinda dry ...but then again its dry here and the air is thin. ANd its -5 degrees right now. Yes NEGATIVE..as in there are NO degrees. I am only on 20mg a day which is just about the lowest dose you can be on, but I was all ready to be all dry and now I am like waiting. But I guess thats better than telling you guys my skin is peeling off.

What else...I guess thats about it.

I see a lot of people view this...but not too many write back.

I am on 20 mg a day too, about 3 weeks in, my lips are slightly dry not too bad, but my face has definetley dried up and is all flaky when i get out of the shower, so mositurizer is a must for me. So thats jsut where Im at right now.

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Wow...now that's BRRRR COLD!! Hope you are toasty warm inside even if it's brutal outside.

Anyway, glad to have you on board and I really appreciate you reading my log. You sound like you have the same thing I do. I think it's name is Dermatillomania. There's a really good website that you may want to check out. Not exactly uplifting, but at least it will make you understand just how many others are suffering like us.


Don't worry, we are not freaks!! Hope you are having a great weekend...keep in touch!

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Okay...I thouht I would be much more into posting things...but I havent really noticed any changes yet. I have been on 40mg for like 2 weeks and the only thing I notice are dry lips...which is very common in this dry climate. So I guess I dont feel that d ifferent because I feel like I have always had acne- it hasnt been as bad as it has in the past- but its not like I am going bare faced around town yet. I have noticed that when I pick at my skin an entire layer comes off and my skin is all red. GROSS! I guess I will have to finallly "quit" picking...although its probably one of the hardest things for me. I think its like an OCD complex. Anyhoo....I do notice that when I leave any one part of my body one way for longer than usual, it hurts to put it back in place. Like if I bend down, for 30 secs doing something when I come back up it hurts. It only started when I was on accutane..but my derm kinda brushed it off and said it wasnt joint pain. But it is. I know it. So yea. But I do have to do this I plede program and I am not looking forward to that AT ALL! But whatever...I'll be in LA in a week and I will have to hide my tane from everyone so they aren't like....What is that??? Hmmmm...the trouble we go to just to appear normal!

Thats about it for me now....I think Im going to go exfoliate my lips.


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Hey! I had been wondering where you were! Yeah, definitely don't pick... i learned that the hard way. It will totally tear up your face! Your skin is SO fragile now. Anyway, with the upped dosage I'm sure you will see more side effects and results. I am on 40 (I weigh about 115 lbs) and I have seen few side effects and gradual clearing.

Good to see you back! Glad things are going fairly well for you!

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Hey Ers, I think I am just one day behind you on accutane (started feb 1), cept I have always taken 40 mg a day. I have the really achy syndrome too, when I'm slouching or sitting for a long time my back or my hips hurt and my achilles tendons area hurts when I walk a lot or work out. I am usually walking around like my body has aged 1000 years. I'm getting used to it though, its worse sometimes than others. Let me know if you find something that makes it go away. Like a magical fairy or a leprechaun or something.


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For all my ladies-

Do you guys know what is up with this whole big brother program aka ipledge? Do we have to fill something out online or sign up? I asked my derm and she told me to sign up but I have no idea how. Hmmm....

So yea I have been such a bad picker today. Its like Ihave to try so hard while I am work helping customers to try and not make my face any worse than it already is, so once I get home I let loose and then walk around not fixing up my makeup or anything. Then I see myself in the mirror and its like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its true...you do have acne and you pick at your face so its even worse...

Yikes. Luckily I am going to be in LA with a friend for the next 10 days...and this girl has PERFECT skin. not just clear...but the kind that GLOWS like some weird nuclear material. And she uses like creamy, oily stick foundation (thats it..no globs of foundation or "mask" as I like to call it.) Plus, she always loves doing my makeup, and its always awkward because she gets out her oily concealor stick and rubs it all over my face to try to cover up what I have spent hours trying to do. Of course, it doesnt really work. But it can be embarassing at times. Whatever.

So yea. Clear skinned biatches...gotta love them.

I will be in touch when I get back...then it will have been 2 months! MAN!!! But I still dont notice that much difference...hmmm......

MUCH LOVE and PEACE on mother f*&$&#* earth one day!

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