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Blue Light acne treatment help?

Im 24 and been suffering from moderate acne since i was 15. i was on accutane and it cleared my skin up remarkably for about two years. That was until about two years ago. since than i have been getting regualar breakouts. I don't want to use accutane again and am looking for alternative methods. My doctor recommended a blue light treatment. He says it works similarly to accutane by shrinking the oil producing glands. You put some medication on let it sit for 30 min. than sit under a blue light for 15min. Your skin gets really sensitive for 24 hours, so you have to stay out of all light.

Has anybody heard or used this method. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


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What you are talking about is Blue Light with Kerastick which is the medication that is left on your face for 30 minutes before the blue light exposure. This treatment was used on that show Extreme Makeover for a young guy with bad acne and it cleared him up in a few weeks of treatments. So it does work fast but it usually requires maintenance treatments like 1 every month after clearing up until you don't need them anymore. The kerastick prepares your skin for light treatments and can make your skin peel or redden. The pores are shrunken but only for a limited time.

I have gotten 3 Blue Light treatments without the Kerastick and the first treatment worked really well. The other 2 did not. Before each Blue Light my face had to be washed of ALL oil for the light to kill the P. acnes bacteria and the first time I was given a Dove cleansing cloth which actually got my face completely clean and the other 2 time the nurse said that I had to have accetone on my face which is highly flammable did not get rid of all of the oil so my skin did not get a proper treatment. I stopped going there.

When doing only Blue light your face should be sqeaky clean because it needs to get to the bacteria that is in the pores and on the surface without interferance. Blue Light without the medicine can be done in conjunction with your regular acne fighting skin regimen because when done properly it helps kill more bacteria.

When using the Kerastick with Blue Light your doctor might give you products to use while your skin is sensitive and then after your skin is clear and you no longer have to do treatments every week you will need a skin regimen to prevent the acne from comming back. This is not a permanent cure for acne it just knocks it out quickly.

Here is a link:


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