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What are the steps to your makeup?

Hey was wondering how you would apply makeup for a nice decent look overall. I guess u can say im an immature at this .. im 15 and finally my parents would give in, in letting me wear some makeup to even out my face texture.. well im just all over the place right now.. trying everything that would fit in with my occasional break outs and stuff. This is what im currently doing..

1. Apply tinted moistruizer

2. Clinique Foundation

3. Revlon Liquid blush

Then i dab off any extra powdery stuff with some olay moisturizer on a pad and just dab away so that everything will be in tact and it`ll look all nice and smooth. I guess this is the way to apply make up right? i dont have anybody in my family that apply`s heavy make up my mom cant really help me.. she doesnt even wear make up and my friends don`t really either.. just some foundation and stuff.. I heard you could also apply concelor or something and all that mineral stuff for a better finish.. what are the steps for it..? Im kinda alright with my make up so far but is there any other way to make it look like better..so that people can`t tell that you`re wearing make up..? I have friends that wear make up and you can`t even notice it! Not one flaw on their skin.. i want no flaws! lol. help?

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I know how it goes not having anyone to show you how to apply makeup -- no one else I lived with till I was 18 wore any. Here's what I do, after Ive washed, moisturized and applied my sunscreen:

1.) I don't actually own concealer, i just use my foundation. Any dark spots (ie around my eyes and marks from acne) get an application of liquid foundation. I use fingers under my eyes, and a concealer brush (nothin special, just from target, labeled as a concealer brush) on eye lids and any marks on my face. I also have redness around my nose and under my bottom lip, so sometimes i'll give those a light coat too. I don't usually put it everywhere, just where I need it. *some days I'll only use MMU, in which case I would skip this step, or apply liquid foundation to eye area only, then move on to MMU on rest of face, it depends on what my skin looks like*

2.) Apply some sort of powder. If I want more coverage, I'll use a mineral powder. I apply this with a large brush (like a kabuki brush or a blush brush) swirl it in the powder, tap off excess, and then apply to skin with a buffing motion. Then, I go back over any areas that need concealing and dab on an extra coat of MMU to cover. If I dont want extra coverage, I'll just use a cheaper talc based powder to absorb shine and set my liquid foundation. Technique is about the same, but I find less buffing is needed.

3.) Then I apply some blush/bronzer/highlighter depending on how fancy I want to get -- I find that if I put on enough makeup to cover up my dark circles and the redness around my nose (I have occasional problems with rosacea) I look a bit too pale/fake bc I'm so one color everywhere. I try not to use anything too pink/bright/dark bc I like a more natural yet polished look.

I dont totally understand your method, but I wouldn't apply any moisturizer after applying makeup, and IMO it may be overkill to use a tinted moisturizer and foundation, depending on the amount of pigment in your moisturizer -- I always worry that the more pigment is on my face, the less likely it is to look natural and be a good match to my neck/chest. I also find that my skin does best and looks best with the least amount of product, so I would really say pick either the tinted moisturizer OR the foundation, then apply a light coat of powder to set, then apply blush.

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hey you`re last step seems to be going some where with my technique at the moment.. sometimes i feel i look too fake but if i dont put enough on.. it really makes no difference, my face still looks the same but if i put on JUST a tad bit more it looks really fake.. like you said, one face tone all around. I`ll take everything into consideration next time i play with my make up.. lol i like it but i just don`t know the steps! I look like a barbie doll.. ive tried seventeen.com it kind of help when i first started with my make up. Maybe i should subscribe to their magazine to see if they have any techniques.. it might be cool since they got pictures and everything. lol. thanks for the reply.

For right now.. my full steps are:

1. Wash face + DamP dry

2. Apply tintied moisturizer (instead of normal moisturizer)

3. Apply foundation.. clinique may be too much for me i think

4. Liquid Blush

And when i get those days when i just go over board and everything looks really flakey and uneven.. i take a pad and damp it with some olay moisturizer or the tinted cream, and dab everywhere and kind of let everything blend in. I avoid the cheeks where the blush area is.

but i feel everything is too much.. i see some of my friends do it and it looks really simple and they actually get their face some where! It actually looks natural and they dont have to do the dabbing procedure like me.. ehh maybe no one has told me this yet, but my neck isnt probably the same tone as my face as well.. lol aggh.

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This is of course after i do my daily regimen of bp and moisturizer

1- cover red/dark marks with revlon color stay or cover stick.

2- apply MMU foundation (2 different shades/layers)

3- apply bronzing powder to cheeks and a little on neck

4- if its necessary- apply more over marks with coverstick but i havent had to do that lately. Sometimes i cover my freckles.

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I dont know if this would help, but sometimes I find that using my blush in my eye crease kinda spreads out the color and makes everything look more glowy and natural. I also try not to wear lipstick/colored gloss if I have medium to heavy coverage on my makeup in the day time -- just so I dont look too made up.

Something definitely worth trying (and fun): Have a good friend whose makeup you like do YOUR makeup -- my friends and I do this; it's fun and you learn a lot.

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After I wash my face with cetaphil in the morning- this is what i do....

I don't apply any moisturizer or sunscreen, because I can't stand them and they irritate me. I only use moisturizer at night, and only in rare cases.

so here goes:

1) apply foundation with a sponge with a patting motion- forhead first, then right cheek, left cheek, chin, and finally nose.

2) Apply powder, again with a light patting motion all over face (same order as above.)

3) curl lashes, and apply mascara

4) apply a little blush to cheeks and nose

5) brush eyebrows for a smoothed out look

and that's it!

What I use:

Almay skin smoothing foundation with Kinetin

Cover girl fragrance free powder

Cover girl professional mascara

NYC blusher.

My skin can look almost flawless on my good skin days. I'm thinking about switching foundtions though, but I'm afraid of a breakout.

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These are the steps I follow, almost religiously.

1. After applying BP, use L'oreal skin revival gelified toner, followed by Olay sensitive skin moisturizer.

2. After 10 minutes, Avon tinted moisturizer. This could probably be a bit much moisture but my skin is sometimes oober dry. If it's not too dry, I skip the Olay moisturizer.

3. Avon concealer (my mum's an Avon lady, hence the Avon products) or Rimmel hide the blemish concealer, sometimes both.

4. Revlon colorstay foundation.

5. Dry hair lol

6. Max Factor translucent powder.

7. A bit of blush or bronzer.

8. Eyeliner, eyeshadow if I'm going somewhere special and then mascara.

9. Before leaving, a bit of lipbalm or gloss.

Sometimes I do go overboard with the make up when I'm feeling particularly unattractive, trying to compensate with makeup, which is never a good idea lol But generally as long as my skin isn't dry it's alright and as long as I'm concentrating and blending and not going overboard. Okay, I've rambled on enough now.

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1. apply biotherm's biopur lotion w/spf (matifying and non comedogenic)

2. apply sparingly mac foundation with clean dampened sponge

3. go over red spots with a few smacks of mac studiofix powder

4. apply benefit's dandelion just on the apples of my cheeks

5. heat eyelash curler with blow dryer for a few seconds and crunch away!

6. one coat of covergirl waterproof mascara, then one coat of dior show mascara

i am fond of mac, though it does break some people out. i'm asian and my eyelashes point straight down and are very light. i get the perfect curl and hold by the steps mentioned above.

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Thanks for the quick replies =) I think i might be going on a curved track and might try to go all over the place again and remember what everyone has said. lol I will do the "iron curler" heat action like u said msmimi! That sounds pretty cool.

Something definitely worth trying (and fun): Have a good friend whose makeup you like do YOUR makeup -- my friends and I do this; it's fun and you learn a lot.

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When I had acne, I got the best results with the following:

-Apply moisturizer

-Blend Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation onto skin using fingers

-Blot pressed powder on over foundation with flocked sponge (I found NYC pressed powder to work well, powder foundation is good if extra coverage desired)

-Apply lipstick, blush

Now that my acne is clear:

-apply moisturizer

-dab on pressed powder foundation (I like Cover Girl TruBlend powder foundation) with flocked sponge

-Apply lipstick, blush

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I wash and moisturize face as usual

Lancome concealer to lighten those red marks.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for my dark circles

Dust face with sheer layer of mineral make up.

Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner

Dust face with either another sheer layer of MMU (if going out) or just dust with finishing pwder.

Touch of blush bc my friends say I'm pale and mud colored.

If I want to going for a night out I will curl my lashes and aplpy some mascara.

This takes about 5-10 minutes .. Is that too much? :P

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cleanse with cetaphil extra gentle cleanser

wait to dry-apply dan's bp gel

wait to dry-cetaphil daily moisturizer

wait to dry-covergirl's simply powder foundation (best coverage i've found in a powder foundation)

eyeliner, mascara, maybe some eyeshadow, maybe lipstick (big maybe:) )

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apply bobbi brown's tinted moisturizing balm



a bit of eyeliner

curl lashes



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Guest Dwight_Sheila69

1. Get my Lazy ass out of bed and wash face

2. Apply Primer and let sit for 5 mins

3. Apply my cover creme.

4. Setting powder.

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I'm a crazy makeup person...sephora and the cosmetics section at walgreens are some of my favorite places:)

1) wash with eucerin gentle hydrating cleanser then clindamycin

2) apply eucerin spf 30 sensitive skin

3) prescriptives foundation, then concealer

4) almay powder

5) benefit dandelion blush

6) cheapo eyebrow pencil (jordana or something

7) revlon colorstay palette as eyeshadow and liner

8) sonia kashuik mascara (from target)

I know, i know, its alot, but it only takes me about ten minutes, maybe less. And most of that is spent on concealer, which is a pain. I think tinted moisturiser plus foundation is unnecessary...I think the trick is making sure your foundation EXACTLY matches your skin tone, or it looks awful...its actually worth it to shell out the dough to get a cosmetologist to guide you (prescriptives is awesome for that). Also, using a light touch with the blush..benefits blush is really light and smells nice. Also invest in one of those big makeup brushes to blend blend blend your face when your done.

makeup is fun..

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sounds like we are all pretty similar!

on a clean, moisterized face I....

1. apply foundation (Neutrogena with salicylic acid)

2. pat on powder (Cover Girl brown compact)

3. brush on blush

4. eyeliner and shadow (sometimes optional)

5. mascara (NEVER optional)

6. use a pearlized cream-colored eye shadow under brows, corner of eyes and on top of cheekbones for highlight.

7. lip gloss

dats it! voila!

IPB Image

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u all have grat regimes! i use the pout range and i do have moderate acne. Im using isotrexin gel at the moment to clear them up. My routine:

(1) i wash my face with clinique face wash

(2) i apply the isotrexin gel

(3) i then use pout foundation in biscuit

(4) i then use pout concealer to cover the red spots

(5) i then lightly dust my face with pouts medium bronzer with a large clinique brush

(6) i then use a soft nars blusher in angelic on my cheeks

(7) finally i apply some mascara and lipgloss

wot sort of moisturiser do u all use because i find that when im prone to spots and i use this treatment i cant really use moisturiser

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1. wash face with murad acne wash

2. put on olay spf moisturizer for sensitive skin

3. put on loreal true blend foundation

4. put on loreal true blend concealer

5. put on almay clear complexion blemish healing powder

6. eybrow gel, eye shawdow (if I decided to wear eye shadow), masscara and lip gloss.

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1) Moisturize with MD Formulations Total Face Protector spf 30

2) After moisturizer sinks in I spot check w/ concealer under my eyes and any red marks with a concealer brush.

3) Apply a thin layer of Bare Escentuals foundation powder with a big soft face brush.

That's the basics when it comes to school. If im not running late (which is rare) Ill add some blush, mascara, or eyeshadow. lol whatever i feel like that day.

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Exfoliate with a complexion brush and purpose for sensitive skin. Apply Cetaphil moisturizer w/water to dry areas (only in the winter).


BE summer bisque on red marks and under the eyes, discoloration

BE foundation medium 2.3 w/kabuki brush

BE warmth w/large makeup brush over cheeks, eye lids, bridge of nose, temples, chin (gives a nice glow to my pale complexion

Neutrogena blush

mascara and lip gloss

That's all, sounds like alot but its actually rather quick now that I've taken control of my breakouts...

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Here are my steps:

1. Clean face with Rodan + Field Unblemish facial cleanser (they're the same people who came up with Proactiv, but their stuff is so much more gentle on my skin - my face would dry out using Proactiv, but since using this other brand, my skin has definitely improved!)

2. Use face clothe to gently exfoliate any dead skin on your face

3. Use Rodan + Field Unblemish toner

4. Rodan + Field Unblemish treating lotion

5. Rodan + Field Essentials moisturizer

6. Wait 5 minutes for face lotion to absorb into skin, apply MAC Studio Fix powder + foundation. I love the Studio Fix powder because they have so many different colors, plus they blend very well and look very natural. Make sure you use a big brush to apply so you don't look like you have heavy make up on

7. Use a small tip concealer brush to color in any discoloration like scars, redness, etc.

8. Put on blush - Nars Orgasm....i love this color!

9. Use blotting paper to blot away extra oil or excessive powder

then i'm done!

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Oh dearie....

I wash and exfoliate my face BEFORE i get in the shower (retin-a makes me flakey flakey flakey). After shower...

1. Moisturize (Olay Regenerist Perfecting Cream)

2. Foundation, Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra with foundation brush. Sit in front of fan just to make sure it sets.

3. Eyeliner. When I'm pressed for time, liquid "cat eye" style. When i'm not, i go wild with the crazy colors.

4. Blush (Revlon powder blush in Wine with Everything)

5. Powder (Almay Luxury Finish in Translucent)

6. Lip gunk. Blistex for school, Lipstick for work.

Then i realize i'm running 10 minutes late since i took so mush time to do my makeup...

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This is fun!

wash-ivory soap

BP Spectro 2.5%

moisturize Neutrogena moisture spf 15

Covergirl concealer (if necessary)

Covergirl liquid clean oilcontrol makepup on dark/discolored spots

Blush (blended well)

If going out:


liquid eyeliner


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