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the longest lasting spot EVER!

yeah basically 2 years ago! yes 2 years ago i had a spot right on the middle of my nose it was quite big too. it hurt alot etc. after about 2 weeks i tried squeezing it but it had no pus was just red. after another 2 weeks i tried to drain it but only a lil pus came out and it seemed to make it worse etc. (btw i generally wouldnt say i have acne, i have a few spots every now and then but they go away.)now after 2 years i have been to many GPs and 1 said he couldnt do anything some gave me creams others pills. none really worked. the spot is still there i would say slightly smaller than this smiley :( . its now a bit red and i can see a bit of pus in it. i think its either a cyst or pustule. basically the last 2 years of my life have been hell i canr seem to look directly at someone when i talk to them and havent had a GF for 2 yeras (ive had a couple of offers but cant face someone getting too close to me and seeing my nose!)

im starting uni hopefully in september and i want it to be gone. should i

1. try to drain it as i havnt tried to drain it for about 2 years and it seems to have some pus. (btw where could i get a sterile needle?)

2. go back to GP and ask for more help

3. go to a derm and ask them to cut the thing off. would that even work??

i would like to thank you if you have been kind enough to read all this. but its gettin me down so much!

any advice would be greatly appreciated.(pls take into account im in the UK so i dont have health insurence etc)

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