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Please help figure out what this is!

Please help me if you can. I don't know what has happened to me and I'm hoping some of you might.

About a year ago (yes a YEAR), I felt a mild swelling under the skin on the tip (yes the TIP) of my nose, so I gently applied pressure and it popped easily. A small amount of a thick, milky substance came out of the pore (apologies for the graphic description). I thought nothing of it and applied 10%bp to the spot expecting it to fade quickly. It didn't.

Week after week and then month after month it cycled through scabbing over, peeling leaving a visible hole,

filling up with oil/sebum to the point that it had to be drained, and then scabbing over again. There has been virtually no change in almost a year now. The dermatologist says it is a cyst and that there's nothing short of surgery to be done (which will leave a scar). BP and sulfur have no effect because it's not infected, at least most of the time. Oral antibiotics the same.

I'm at my wits end. The mark is bad enough, but the cycle of symptoms is even worse. You never know what it's going to be until you wake up and see it. I am considering laser treatement (smoothbeam?), accutane, needling (if I knew what it was), and even surgery. Hell I'd try voodoo if I thought it might work.

Worst of all I feel all alone in this. In addition to the fact that most people can't understand what we go through, even on this website I can't find anyone reporting a similar problem. It's so embarassing and depressing--if you have any thoughts or ideas, please post them?

Thank you all...

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Well, that sucks. My mother had the same thing happen to her a long time ago & her dermatologist said surgery was the only way to remove it. She went ahead & now has a big scar on her cheek (looks like she was in a bar fight). I've worked in surgery for 8 years now & my suggestion to you would be IF you have to have this done let a plastic surgeon do it not a dermatologist! It's the plastic surgeons job to make sure you look as good as possible later on where the derm only cares about getting rid of the cyst. Good luck!!


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