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Hi Everyone,

I've just started the regimen. This is my 3rd time doing it, but the first 2 times, I quit because I didnt feel it was doing anything (usually after 1-1.5 weeks). Now that I know I should give the regimen at least 2 months, I'll try to stick with that.

First off, I'm post accutane- its been the only thing that controls my huge red cystic acne, and it always seems that whenever I go off of it, after about 6 months, I'll start to flare up bad again. I was on longterm low dose accutane, but when I started to lose my hair, I freaked out and have stopped since October. Since then, I've noticed a return of oil and breakouts so I'm trying this to see if it can stop the upcoming flare up. I've been on accutane 6 times by the way (I'm 27 now).

When I initially started off the regimen I was using

Spectro AcneCare BP cream- 2.5% +

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion

Dove Sensitive Essentials Cleanser

After 2 days, the AHA in the healthy skin lotion really irritated my skin and broke me out big time. so I had to ease off of BP and moisturizer for about 4 days, and during that time I was just moisturizing with Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture SPF15. I'm also swearing of AHA because I NEVER have a good experience with them.

Anyways, I read about somebody using emu oil as their moisturizer, so I decided to order some 100% non-processed australian emu oil off of ebay. For the last 6 days, I've been using:

Spectro AcneCare BP 2.5 or Neutrogena OTS 2.5

Emu Oil

Dove Sensitive Essentials Cleanser

My skin must love the emu oil stuff because WOW! My skin sucks it up and isnt dry or irritated after. The emu oil has a lot of great properties and does cut down on the redness (its an anti-inflammatory). I've tried Canadian emu oil as a moisturizer before but it broke me out... but this australian stuff seems pretty good so far. No cystic acne to report yet, and my skin is looking the best its been since I was on accutane.

will update how this emu oil thing + regimen go.

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