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My day is screwed!!!...And wtf are these F-n bumps?

well I'm sure some of you have read my thread about working out, and getting acne.

I'm getting these red bumps under my skin.... But some of them dont hurt. They look like pimples, but they dont have any sort of pain or sting, it's more like a little tickle if any feeling at all.

Wierd!!!!!.... What are they?

should I apply some cold ice to them?...What do I do?

I have a party to go today, but after looking at my ugly face I'm just gopnna stay home.

For the people that say dont even worry about it, just go to the prty it's no biggy....I just wanna say the hell with that. Some of these people havent seen me in a while and the first time I meet them again isnt going to be a face filled with acne...Scew that.

I'll rent movies and be a loser ONCE a fuckin gain! :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

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Well I am not sure about those remarks but...what movies did u rent....I rented Batman Begins today and it was frickin awesome movie.

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Well my face looks better today...YAY what a relief.

I rented Transporter 2 and Red Eye.

Good Movies I stayed up all night with my girl and Dog lol.

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