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It is always tough having acne, fight those negative feelings and just go on as if you could care less about what others think about you.

I had some problems with acne recently, and I felt down and emotionally drained. Everyday I was on this site, always trying to find a quick solution and I just kept on with my regimen. One day I was just pondering about my life and how I am blessed to be what I am and have what I have, from that day on I just stopped caring. I knew this shit was holding me back, so I finally just said FUCK IT I am what I am. I just put myself out there, just like my old self, I got weird looks but deep down inside me I just ignored it and kept moving on. I cut the amount of bp I used and started moisturizing more, and I just told myself be patient and things will work out. If I would get a white head I would just leave it alone, I cared less what others thought. My friend told me too "whats up with the breakout" and he said it sarcastically...I said to him man you are 25 and you are still this ignorant man I feel sorry for you and everyone that was there just laughed at him. Yea it bugged me but I just told myself I know I can do this. I kept going with an light dosage of bp and good amount of moisturizer AND LOTS OF PATIENTS. NOW IM GLAD TO SAY THAT I AM ALMOST CLEAR, took me about a month but during that month I learned so much about myself and just never lost faith in myself and in GOD.

Dont ever give up on yourself, nothing good in life is easy. Dont ask "why," things were meant to be like this for whatever reason...FUCK IT, know that in life some people have to work a bit harder on certain things JUST DO IT AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND THE REWARDS WILL FOLLOW.

In the future I plan to start sometype of foundation to help acne suffers, cuz before this shit happened to me I had no clue what acne could do to you and I want to help out and I want to make sure the general public becomes aware of what acne really is, and its affects.

best wishes.


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