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Right, now that Xmas and New Year are over i intend to start my needling. 

This is my plan, with questions on what i'm still not sure about:

1) PROCEDURE -  a needle. Will needle my small boxcar first i think.

I also have another weird scar, part of it is indented, but there is a slight ring around the indent where the collagen seems to have overgrown and stick out very slightly. (I think this may be cos i used ridiculous amounts of moisturiser etc on the area, hoping to get rid of the scar.) If i needled this scar, should i just needle the indented bit, or the lumpy collagen around it as well?

2) IMMEDIATELY AFTER - some say apply nothing at all for a week; others say petroleum jelly; others say antiseptic cream. If i went down the road of keeping the scab moist, would an ordinary moisturiser like Oil of Olay be OK?

3) AFTER SCAB FALLS OFF - copper peptides seems best. I have Skinbio's CP Serum, also the Super CP Serum. The super one is stronger and better, but contains SA, so do you think i should avoid it for that reason? Is there a stronger copper peptides that doesn't contain skin-stripping stuff like salicylic acid and retinol?

I also have a retin a cream i use the whole time, but will probably avoid using it on the needled patch, at least for the first month, as it might be too harsh and stop the healing huh?

4) SUPPLEMENTS - i will take vit C, vit E, zinc, MSM. Possibly a may try silica,as i read it is 1 of the 3 things (the other 2 being vit C and MSM) used to make collagen. Also read it may push the body towards ejecting scar tissue, does anyone else think this? Is anyone else taking silica? Someone also mentioned taking colostrum but i'm a veggie and don't know if i fancy the sound of it - anyone know how it would help, anyway? Also i'm scared the hormones in it could make me break out.

So that's my plan, thanks to all who've bothered to read it, if anyone has any advice or comments on the above issues, or thinks i've missed anything out etc, i'd be grateful. Thanks a lot.

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Yeah i read that thing by Yumi a while ago, he seems to have had good results though, what bit was it that put you off? Do you actually think needling can cause more harm than good then? I thought it was meant to be pretty risk-free?

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floss said:


What put me off is that yumi said,u would get better results from the tattoo artist.

Im also doing the self needling to often...sometimes 3 times a week,yumi said it is best to have it done 1 month apart as the treated areas are very fragile and u can make things worse.

I will not stop needling...i'll just do it once a month.

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Yeah but i thought from your personal experience scar didn't improve 

I think i will only needle about once every 3 months if i decide to go ahead - not feeling so sure now...

There aren't any risks of making things worse with this procedure are there?

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The tattoo artist only needled a scar on my back once...maybe i need it done several times before it improves or he have not needled it right.

Gumby said 2 things will happen when needling,improvement of the scar or nothing...it won't get worse so u can only gain.

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