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I have a small piece of advise to offer to people, which is a lot easier said than done.

I used to have acne on my chin, before I started using BP, and yea, it took quite some time to heal. The waiting process is always difficult, and a long one, but I taught myself something that gave me more confidence, and made the wait seem a lot shorter.

There are a lot of people who have acne, and it doesn't bother them, if you are one of those lucky people, this isn't for you.

I use to be afraid to face people, face to face, when I had a bad break out on my chin. I would think that was all people were looking at, and wouldn't dare face anyone,and when I was talking to someone, I would avoid looking directly at them.

I gradually started to notice, a lot of people I was dealing with and talking to, also had pimples. I work in retail, and even noticed my district manager, who oversees more than 1000 people, had a skin problem. He had acne scars, plus several new pimples.

I began to get more confidence, and realized I needed to start doing more, and getting out. I started back to the gym on a regular basis, and felt better about myself.

Once I started to realize that I was not alone, and skin conditions/problems affect tons of people, young and old, I began to understand how to get my confidence back. When someone would face me and ask me something, I would put my best face forward, pimples and all, and look at them in the eye, and speak to them, focusing on what we were talking about, and not if they were looking at the pimples.

One instance I remember in specific, I was starting a new job, and waiting to meet my new supervisor. Came to work my first day, 22 years old at the time, with 3 new, fresh pimples on my chin. He walked in, with more pimples than I had, he musta been 40-45.

Eventually, my BP and regimen worked more efficiently and consistently. I am now relatively clear...I get maybe 1 or 2 zits every month or so, but who doesn't?

My advise is, you can not lock yourself up in a metaphorical box because you have acne, you will not gain confidence back until you face the world, and realize that you are not alone.

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you care about your acne 100x more than others care about it

once you realize that fact acne will mean nothing to you

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It's easy for you to say that, but I know there are tons of people out there who have a lot harder time understanding that.

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i know, it's similar to what you said. that's how it really is but understanding it is really hard for an acne sufferer

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