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Scar treatments for me?

Hey guys, I've read that it's best to treat scars when you're young. I'm turning 17 soon so do I still have the chance to heal my scars? I just got this pretty big scar a few weeks ago and it still has some purple/red color to it. What are the best treatments for it? Would neosporin work?

Also, I have a question about popping the pimples. If you see them at a whitehead, is it better to pop it or leave it alone? Because I think that if you don't pop it, it'll pop by itself and spread around the infected bacteria over your face. Also, if you dont pop it, the bacteria in white goo will stay inside ur infalmed pimple and eat away your tissues. Could someone give me comments on this?

I've been popping them by suqeezing the pimples with sterile conttons on the tip of my fingers. Will this cause scarring? And, is it possible get scars by just leaving them alone without popping them?

I'm on Dan's regimen and could the BP make it easier for me to scar? I've useed Retin-A before BP. Which product do you think raises ur chances of getting scars?

Thanks, please answer my questions.

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If your scarring do yourself a favor and see a derm. Take the cremes and antibiotics for about three months. If after three months u see no change ask for accutane. Also u should pop a zit if it is getting really pussy and big. Use a needle that has been flamed with a lighter and dipped in alchohol. Just be gentle in squeezing and u should see no problems. If u have a huuge zit call the dermo and get an injection to help it heal and go down lessening the chances of a scar developing. Leave the scar for a few months to see if it or they heal themselves then begin treatment with a derm, or plastic surgeon.

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Bump. Need more comments please. Would AHA help with this or neosporin? I get pauples and stuff but not cystic. They tend to leave scars sometimes. The derm prescribed me Retin-A with minocycline but I had to stop taking the mino because I have liver problem - Hep B. And Retin-A alone wasn't working without the antibiotic so I switched to BP.

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