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I had these really strange acne thing going on my face aroune my jaw line (i'm 28 years old and all so not really like this teenage thing :confused: )..

and i used basiron AC 5% for like 6 months (important!!!: basiron AC 10% is not really good , as I read, 5 % does the same tricks but really less harmful for the skin ; less drying) and it seems to really help. I still have one spot left but it's really not noticeable.

the product (well , obviously less than the ones with higer % of benzoyl peroxide) kind of really dries up the skin though,.. so it flakes and stuff but i dont know.. it's better without acne and dry skin than full of small (and somewhat big) bumps around my face, hey.

anyway.. the thing is I made a website where you post your blogs with a picture of your face,..(which I made as soon as half of the acne was gone ; and :doubt: with some help of photoshop) but in any case..

put your faces up on the site with or without acne!( it's all beautiful anyway, : in my case with photoshoping around a bit... :liar: ) hmm hmm..

the site is @


good luck everybody! anyway it's for free. we dont get money from the people who just wanna connect around..

ps: anyway the big picture is me.. haha.. please be nice with your replies...[attachmentid=3155][attachmentid=3155][attachmentid=3156]



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