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1st of all i would like to explain my acne experience as brief as i can. I suffered from very bad acne that after a while i sourta grew out of but still got it. I went on plenty of regimens and cleared up alot but not 100%. Then what i went through were times where i would look good for like a week and look horrible for months and it would repeat. Recently i found out a good regimen that seemed to work almost perfect but dry skin was a big issue. Also i was gettin plenty of ingrown hairs. I baught an electric razor (the most expencive one just to be sure) and now all my jawline acne has gone and never came back. Again i still had dry skin and scars. I posted a topic on this and someone suggested emu oil. I purchased it and recieved it during on of my good weeks. I used it at night and in the day i used a euricin or whatever. The 1st night i used it felt like it would be very bad towards my skin but boy was i wrong. The veyr next day my brothers girlfriend couldnt get over how good my skin looked and complimented me several times. If only she knew this was just a good week. At that point a kept using the emu oil and changed my diet and some other things around. My skin tone evened out like you wouldnt beleive. My skin was also much smoother then it ever was. Also I havent had any new acne yet. Actually 2 pimples that have just stayed at the same stage for months came to the head and after i popped them they vanished within days with no mark or anything. I just wanted to post thanking the board and also if anyone could gain anything from what i said. I could go deep into my regimen and diet if anyone would like just post and il answer your questions.

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you mean emu oil helped with yur scars too

what type of scars where they?

were they dented ones or ice picks or someother type?

and the acne which you said went away with emu oil what type of acne where they?

emu oil-is it really oily and make ur skin shiny type of appearance

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The scars were not indented more just marks and color distortion. It evened out my color very well. For the acne i had it was different kinds. Since i have been on the product for decently long now i cant explain what happened better. At 1st i used it with the euricen lotion in the dya and the emu oil at night because of how i heard it makes you look oily. Well within a week i started using only emu oil. The emu oil did NOT leave me greasy at all. I would put a decent amount over my face and neck and then 10 mins later gently dab my face with a towel or something. I did NOT have to keep wiping my face because of the excess greasy look like the other lotion did. I had all kinds of acne from cycts to whiteheads. It seemed when i cured the acne in one spot it would just move to another spot. With this product i have no gotten 1 actual big imflamed pimple. Also because of lack of time i only have been doing the regimen once a day and it is STILL working. Deffinatly one of the better products i came across

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