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:D Bonsoir folks,

Went to derm yesterday and he suggested a different topical and antibiotic team. I picked up the prescription for lymecycline and my topical gel, the Dalacin T lotion (my skins too dry for the solution) today. Anybody else tried The dalacin? It does feel a little greasy on my skin but It's only been on a short while so Of course I'm going to have to wait and see how it goes :think: I was originally on duac, which worked at first, but got to the stage that even the smallest amount was making me skin dry up like the sahara :redface: (I moisturise well) Got quite an important social do happening tomorrow so I'm unsure whether to use the dalacin tonight incase it breaks me out or use my duac (I still have a little left) but then I'm so dry in the morning :rolleyes: sheeesh, acne, so complicated. Replies greatly appreciated :wub::D Thanks! J.

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A friend of mine swears by Dalacin T. He's 28 and his acne has calmed down a bit as he's got older but he still gets the odd breakout; he just applies some Dalacin T and generally he's ok for a while. He's only a mild case though.

Lymecycline worked fine for me after minocycline did nothing for me at all! I think the combination of the 2 should keep you clear for a while that's assuming your acne isn't severe.

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Thanks for the quick reply Ferris :D Is there an initial breakout with lymecycline or dalacin?

I don't recall getting an initial breakout with any antibiotic, and I've used them all! You only really get an initial breakout with accutane and topical retinoids.

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