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Forehead Bumps!!!!

Hello All,

I am new to this site. I found it while doing some research on BP and Retin A, whic I was prescribed Dec 1st. I used it for a few days but the Retin A burned my face so much so I stopped. What the doc didnt tell me was that I should wash my face and wait about 15 minutes then apply the Retin A, hell she didnt even tell me what I should expect, like burning, itching or anything of the sort.

Anyway, I am now trying Dan's regimen. I am using the BP Gel 3%. I wash my fae with Aveeno Foam wash int eh morning, then I apply a fingr of BP, then wait 15minutes and appy Cetaphil Mosturizing lotion. Then I do the same thing in the evening.

Yet, I still have bumps on my forehead, they are the same skin tone as my skin, but they are slightly rased and if you look closely, they look like small holes are at the tip of them. But the acne on my cheeks is almost gone. :-) Only if I could rid myself of the bumpy forehead. Can anyone help with this?

Oh let me tell you a little history, I am 31 on Monday, I have had beautiful skin all the way until I turned 30 last year. What the hell!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention I have been doingt he regimen for about 5 days now. So maybe the bumpy forehead will dissipate if I give it time, I gotta tell you I am temted to do Proactiv!!! :-)

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the bumpy forehead may go in time. However, if it doesn't, once your acne is clear you can incorporate an alpha hydroxy acid into your Regimen to use on your forehead bumps. BP works best on inflammatory acne, and it sounds like those flesh colored bumps you describe may need some exfoliation, like glycolic or lactic acid.

Stick to the Regimen for a few months and see if they go away, and if they don't, consider adding in something with aha, that should help those bumps if the bp doesn't get them.

and welcome to the forum!

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I had those exact same bumps on my forehead and I wasn't really expecting the regimen to do anything about them, but after about a month or so at least 95% of them had cleared away. So hang in there! :dance:

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If they are large bumps, like cysts that don't come out. Talk to your doctor/derm about getting a Kenalog shot. It's cortisine and it reduces the swallowing by 90% within 48 hours. The shot however costs about 10$. But he can probabily do 20 pimples for that 10$.

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