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does BP really unplug the acne clog from root

i dont ve much experience with BP

but my acne is like a clogged pore which get inflmmated and turn into a bump and if i dont do anything it never goes away.

it just stay like a bump red and inflammed.

so i prick the bump with a lancet and forcefully put the puss and clog out

and then it heals with in few days

now i want to try BP

my question is

BP fights the bacteria..but does it do any good in really unplugging the clogged pore and taking it out

unless the clog comes out im sure the acne spot never heals perfect

BP dries the clog but the dried up clog remains inside the skin right..

what you guys think?

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Pores don't clog very easily without the acne bacteria doing so. Benzoyl peroxide effectively kills the bacteria. It metabolizes (breaks down once being absorbed into the skin) into a bactericidal chemical.

Pores are actually hard to clog. Think of all the women wearing make-up (oil) that doesn't cause pimples.

The fact that you have acne bacteria in your skin will almost always over-shadow the few pimples/blackheads you may get from topically clogged pores.

Acne bacteria is not "rooted" in any sense. It simply grows and multiplies in the oil, secreted naturally by the oil (sebatious) gland, that it is allowed to thrive in. The sebacious gland accompanies each hair follicle in your skin.

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BP is best at preventing acne. I haven't found anything that is good at "unplugging" pores once their plugged with the exception of spot treatment with 10% alpha hydroxy acid, and only when you catch a zit in the very initial stages. People write me all the time and friends also tell me that my gel helps get rid of current acne, but in my own experience it's best at preventing future acne. Why and how it works is hard to tell since nobody knows what causes acne in the first place, but BP is thought to combine a bacteria killing effect with a mild drying and peeling effect.

Long story short, nothin's gonna unplug an already completely plugged pore except for time I think, but BP and specifically the regimen can prevent future acne entirely which is the name of the game.

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i don't think i made my post entirely clear.

pores clog, to the point of being noticeable by the average person, because of the acne bacteria in your skin.

your number one priority should be to eliminate the bacteria not the clogged pores.

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