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Kiss my Face 'Peaches 'n cream" moisturizer w/ AHA...

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I went to go buy some today...and I read the ingredients...it has oil in it, is it still ok for acne-prone oily skin? i bought the the oil-free w/ aloe and AHA, but i think the peaches adn cream one has a higher concentration of AHA (even though it doesnt say). Thanks!

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I used to use it and liked it (would have liked it better with no fragrance, it gets a little overwhelming after a while) but i've heard people say that the pH is wrong so that you dont get the full activeness (or whatever you'd call it) out of the lotion. I dont know though, it didn't break me out, but it did sort of leave a film behind. Better for night use I think.

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Yes, it would be for my face...ive herad good things about, which is why i wanted to try it, but afraid that it may be too greasy and break me out since it has oil in it.

baptists: what burt's been prodcut is your profile pic of? Any recs for Burt's bees products?

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Burt's bees Herbal remedy ointment -- zinc oxide cream with lavender oil and some other stuff. Loveit Loveit Loveit though it's probably wont work for everyone -- I can't use BP and SA didn't cut it and turns me into a grease slick lol . . . The tomato soap is pretty good too, as is the mask when made w ACV and I like the citrus scrub but I don't currently have any. Not a fan of the moisturizers for facial use bc a lot of them have wheat germ oil and/or coconut oil which really dont agree w my face (clogged pores)

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I used the Kiss my Face with aloe. It worked ok I think and wasn't very heavy but I agree it did leave a film after awhile. Now I only use it for my body.

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