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I am copy pasting this from my original thread because some of you never go anywhere else besides this thread. I just thought I could reach out to more people by doing this. Had acne since 13. Now clear because of this.

If you have comments, questions, and etc about this, reply to the original thread. Find at at the General Acne forum titled, "A new light for all of us"



Edit: 1/11/06 UPDATE: (excerpt from my recent post)this theory really works and i'm actually spending my precious time to help people even though I don't have problems with acne anymore. i'm not publicizing any product or anything, just helping. if anyone doesn't agree with this, fine with me

Some people here, or actually, a lot of people here on their 20s and above don't deserve to get acne, because their body's structure and hormonal balance should have been stable already, but because of medication and commercial products, and other small factors such as constant exposure to extreme temperature, and the sun, that the skin is constantly being altered and damaged, making it thinner (drying of skin), and even more prone to acne, and even worse - cancer.

Again, your choice to follow this theory, I'm not pushing anyone because really, I have already settled my life and acne condition. Only ones I have are scars and a few redmarks, which I don't really care about since they're minor.

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........Yeah okay, just use water.

You've got an okay point about acne medications being damaging, but you really failed to completely process that thought. How about doing what I'm trying to do right now: ditch everything that messes with your face, like BP, SA, sodium laureth sulfate, PEG-100, any types of alcohol, parabens, etc. Replace with things that BENEFIT your skin: in my case, a vitamin C / herbal / antioxidant cleanser, natural Jojoba oil for moisturizer (about to switch to emu since it thickens / nourishes skin after the package arrives), oregano or tea tree oil for spot treatment, and Jessfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. Your method doesn't get rid of dead skin which causes clogged pores which causes acne, it doesn't kill any bacteria (with a non-chemical ingrediant), and it barely cleanses the skin.

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...that's why I added vinegar as a transition product (you need glasses because I specifically mentioned that) because vinegar by itself is already enough. Water only and nothing else because the skin should be left on itself to rebalance and restructure all the damages caused by other all these products. Once your skin has revived itself (took about 8 months in my case), then that's when you can use a gentle cleanser if you choose to (although I haven't been using one for many months already because I'm too lazy. I don't get breakouts though)

I am not going to argue because I already got mine stabled. I'm clear now after I followed my procedure. Don't know about you, but until you get clear from your procedure, don't argue with me.

On a lighter note, you got an okay point as well.

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Vinegar never really helped me when I was using it, so I gave it up. But you're right, it will clean better then water.

Vegetable glycerin is a basic cleansing agent as well, I believe.

P.S. How bad was your acne?

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It started out as really really mild (just on my forehead) when I was 12 or 13. At that age, I started putting stuff on my face even though my parents adviced me not to. I was uninformed about acne and lived in a third world country, so all I could think of was to put Ethyl Alcohol. And so, I did. Acne never came off. Over time, I started changing things that I would put. I even washed my face with soap until there was no moisture at all. I thought and people told me that it's caused by dirt, so I kept on washing and washing, but they never disappeared, but rather, started growing on my cheeks over a period of a few years. I came to America, thinking that maybe America's clean atmosphere would prevent me from breaking out. I was wrong. I still had acne, and still washing thoroughly with soap. I tried some American products such as Clearasil, and etc. Viola! Less acne... but only for a period of a month. After that, came back even worse. Saw Pro-Activ. Bought it. Viola! Finally, I thought. Acne came back after 2 months, and in fact, even more worse as it spreaded on areas I had no acne before. Threw ProActiv away. I researched extensively after that. Then, tried Murad. Skin texture and moisture improved, but only minimal effect on acne. It was a money sucker. I stopped. Researched some more. Tried more products, including BP, which I absolutely regret. BP helped... only for a month or two. After that, I breakouts were more massive, and acne was even more worse and way bigger. I scarred because of that. BP really dried and damaged my skin. Saw some vinegar thread in here somewhere. Lots of testimonies and results from others provided me the courage to try it. Did vinegar for about 3 months. Wow, I thought, since it really worked - way better than any other products that I tried in the past, and I survived for 3 months. Still, acne was present and my face got really sensitive to what I ate. Anymore than 2 pizzas would give me massive breakouts.

K, I'm tired typing, but in conclusion, I figured that the more products and harsh chemicals I use, the worser my acne got, and so I made this thread.

Now, I'm clear, and my scars have miracoulously disappeared (not all though), and whatever I eat and do don't give me acne anymore. I ate 5 pizzas in a row recently, and I didn't break out. Usually, 2 would give me a REALLY BAD breakouts. Chocolates don't affect me anymore either. I get a few bumps once in a while, but they're minor (usually, only 1, max 2 bumps, and disappear after 2 or 3 days.)

So... I started out as mild, then peaked to low moderate, then now to clear.

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