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Wash before shaving, after shaving, or both?

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Anyone know which would be best?

Since the skin is more sensitive after a shave would washing not be recommended?

Or should a wash be done to make sure you get all the removed hair and dead skin off your face?


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If you use a straight razor, you could shave in the shower. Get a fogless mirror and let your face steam for a while to open the pores. This always seemed to be less irritating for me. Now, I use an electric razor, which is even less irritating, and I shave before I shower. It never made sense to me to cleanse my skin then add the shaving gel to my face afterward.

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I'm on the Regimen so I wash my entire face with the Purpose bar and work up an extra lather when I'm shaving. After I'm done I grab a little extra lather from the bar again and go over the shaven area gently. I think it does a nice clean over anything I opened up while shaving and has been working very well.

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i use liuke a clearasil gel and gilette shaver and change the blade once a week..

i used to cleanse before i shaved, now i cleans after.. cant say i saw a difference for better or worse

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using an electric razor is much safer to use on acne prone skin than the traditional razor, using cream and shaving always gives u that chance of getting your pores clogged.

when i use electric i shave before my shower then wash my face in the shower.

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