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Accutane 2nd/3rd rounders wanted

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Okay here is a brief story:

Had acne my since teenage years (now 28). Went on accutane when I was 18 - had a huge initial breakout - then cleared right up. Stayed super minimal for over a year - more came back but still manageable.

A couple of year ago it started to get bad again - tried everything - a year ago went to the derm tried antibiotics, retin a micro, etc. - then he finally agreed to put me on accutane again.

I was on from end of April to end of October at 60 mg. - my acne (and body acne) cleared up wonderfully - so great!

I went about am month after w/ no acne then it crept back. Went to the doctor's end of December - he said yup it's back but not bad (yet - how bad does it have to get) - so he gave me retin a micro (saying that though it didn't work before my skin is different post accutane so it might now). At the visit my body acne was minimal so he didn't prescribe a pill.

Now - my face is getting a little worse by the day and my chest broke out horribly.


I'm going to stick w/t he retin a micro (and applying bp cream on my chest so getting better but bleaching everything in site) until my next appt. but if it doesn't work (which I don't' think it will - but I'm trying it) what can I say for the doctor to realize I need another cycle of accutane.

ohhhh...ps I didn't experience any bad side effects on accutane (not even an intimal this last time) - except chapped lips (which I can deal with).

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Well, you need to give it at least a couple months which it sounds like you have, and most derms will probably require you to wait until it has become pretty bad again - at least cystic although some derms aren't so stringent in their requirements. He may want you to try other treatments that have previously failed - often after Accutane they start working. Have you tried straight up asking your derm if he will consider a second course? Every derm is different, you need to find out what your specific doctor's concerns and philosophies on the subject are.

I didn't have to do much special, i just went in, showed her my back and my scars, she said to try a course of antibiotics and do the preliminary stuff for another Accutane course, then started me after i didn't respond to the antibiotics. But this was more than a decade after my first course.

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Following tane your acne generally responds differently to treatments that have been useless before just as beentheredonethat said. You could ask for an oral antibiotic such as minocin or trimethropin to use in conjunction with your topical. If you get success with this then rotate the antis and topicals every so often to try and help with resistance. That worked well for me post tane, eventually i had to go on tane 2 but i got a good few years on antis in between. I would discourage going for tane again right away until you have explored other options. When my derm proposed this to me the first time i was very sceptical as mino etc did little for me pre tane. I was very pleased with the results so I would encourage you to give that a try. If it doesn't work then both you and your derm know the answer.

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