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Alright, ever since I've started using BP my acne has gotten much better. It hasnt totally went away, which bothers me a lot. I have REALLY oily skin, I used to use powder make-up years ago to help with that, but I couldnt hide my problem with make-up forvever. So I stopped and just lived with moderate acne for the past year and a half. My daily regimen consists of showering in very hot water for 30-45 min. The reason why I take so long is because I do everything in the shower, from shaving to brushing my teeth. It's weird, but I'm comfortable with it. I have really sensative skin so I only shave once every 2 days. It's ok though because my beard isnt that thick, especially for an italian. Hey, some women like the scruffy look! Ok, back to the subject, 25-30 min after I shower is when I put the BP 2.5% on. I put it all over my face, using a little more on the redder area's for a sort of "cover up" affect (it works, really!). That's all actually. I just quit smoking, so I'm hoping that improves my complexion, and I drink water more then most people I know. I'm just tired of having a below average complexion and would accept any advice given. Here is a typical "no BP" picture of me so everyone understands what my idea of moderate is.

IPB Image

I have constant redness around my nose, and I always have those really small, easily squeezed out... things... around my nose and chin area that never leave a mark at all. Once I squeeze them out the area is usually just red for a few hours, maybe some minor swelling, and goes back to normal. I don't know what to call these, I've never found any mention of this skin condition online. I am so baffled as to what to do. I just wish I had more control over my complexion. I have no insurance so seeing a dermatologist is totally out of the questions. I'd really like to know what I can do to limit the amount of oil on my skin. Please help!

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My advice is to follow the Clear Skin Regimen carefully, being consistent and gentle. To even out red marks, you will eventually want to use a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in it. I use Eucerin Intensive Repair (green cap) which is normally for hands, but it works well on my face. There is a little bit of oil in the formula, but it won't hurt you. It has done great things for the evenness of my skin. It will exfoliate your skin for you, eventually replacing the skin those red spots occupy. This can take a lot of time unfortunately. A red spot from acne can take months to finally be totally free from. First starting out though, AHA can irritate/redden your skin a little.

I'd refrain from squeezing any pimples. It's not good practice and can make matters worse sometimes. Don't touch that face!

Your level of acne can definitely be wiped out with this regimen. Combined with AHA you should be able to achieve a great complexion in time. I've been going on this method for over three years and I have acne under my foot. :cool:

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