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I'm convinced my acne will never go away. I swear it's just getting worse and worse. I have mild-moderate acne, it's not THAT bad, but its just all over my face and NEVER goes away so of course it pisses me off more than anything. I decided to try Dan's regimen again so I ordered the BP Gel and I'm still waiting for it. (I sent my money like a week ago and I still haven't gotten an e-mail back saying they recieved my money & they have shipped the BP =[ and i live in Massachusetts) ANYWAYS...

Until I get the BP Gel, what can I do to make my acne calm down and go away, just a little bit. that's all i'm asking for. For the past few weeks/month I've been using an anti-bacterial soap, 5% BP for a spot treatment, and cetaphil moisturizer. Also, the last few nights (every other night) i've been using Queen Helene Mint Julep mask which just brought out my pimples to the surface =[ Doing all this worked great at first and i was almost completely clear but then it just stopped and my acne is pretty much worse than it ever has been. Now I've just decided to go on Botchla's Regimen until i recieve my BP Gel. I've been on botchla's regimen before, i'm not sure if it helped much because I didn't stay on it long enough but I'm gonna give it another try, just until the BP comes. ahhhh i hate acne a lot.

But is there any other suggestions you have??

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first of all, i think ur too shifty. you never stayed with 1 regimen for a long time. and you should if you want to see results since it takes your skin some time to adjust.

in the meantime, just make sure you don't make things any worse. so, ONLY use gentle products with good ingredients. i'm quite skeptical about the anti-bacterial soap ur using. is it solid or is it one of those hand-washing liquid soaps? paula begoun says to avoid solid cleansers since they usually contain pore-clogging ingredients. hand liquid soaps are too harsh and drying, imo. qhmj mask is also quite harsh, irritating, and drying in my opinion, though it works for some other pple. it gave me breakouts too and made existing pimples really really really red and painful! stop using it if it's giving you breakouts.

i got clear with no medications or drugs or topicals. well, except for tto, but i don't really consider it "chemical". only by using gentle products. paula begoun's website gave me a lot of insight ingredients-wise. jan carlo's post on acne.org (in the general products section) is also relevant.

and lastly, i really don't encourage you to use bp all over the face. dan even said it himself, it's dependent. do you want to become dependent on an expensive chemical? possibly carcinogenic (sp?) too, but that's open to debate and more research.

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