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Gillian McKeith... Friend To The Fat...

Have you seen her on TV? She's in the popular programme You Are What You Eat, if you've seen this you'll know what i'm talking about.

I really thing she is amazing, the choice of food she provides for her fat friends is absolutely impecable. She encourages them to eat only fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fish.. among other random stuff like herbs etc. It's ALL healthy though. She states that she chooses her food to takle any known illness to man lol..well not really but it's gonna keep you mega healthy and improve EVERYTHING. The variety of food she carefully has chosen provides the body with every single vitamin and goodness that it needs. It detoxifies the body and keeps it clean.

I am definately going to start on her "way of eating" because I think it will help clear my acne greatly. I don't know how to explain but go find her on the net or get her book. Trust me it's worth it. This is a way of life that one can stick too, not just a week or two that is really hard to abide by.

Let me know if anyone follows it... check out my opinions in my regimen log.

Thanks, Lee. :)

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Most fat people I know wouldn't consider someone who tried to make them eat "random stuff like herbs" a friend. In fact they'd probably hit them... hard.

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Guest Gentle~Rain

"here, take a poo and I'll look at it" lol.

Now there's a true friend~~

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