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I have been using a 2% bp/aloe vera gel that is available here in Spain, and a gentle soap. My regimen does not include any moisturizer.

I wash my face at night every other day because the soap is too harsh to use more often. The only other washing my face gets is daily rinsing in the shower. I apply the bg/aloe vera gel every night, and I use A LOT. I do not use any moisturizer because I do not seem to need it (and finding one that doesn't cost a fortune or contain pore-clogging crap is very hard in Spain).

The result of following this regimen since October 2005 has been a steady improvement of my complextion and MUCH less new acne. I still get the occational big ugly one, but they are much less frequent and go away much more quickly than they used to.

New Problem:

I am growing my beard back, and I have the unfortunate habit of stroking my chin now. I can feel 2 new little pimples rising to the surface there. I need to either shave the beard or ditch the habit (I opt for the second). So now I have to try to apply bp to the skin under my beard... Any suggestions guys?

How I will procede:

Figure out what to do about the beard/chin problem. If I have to shave it, so be it.

So far so good, but I think I might have improved faster if I had used bp twice a day. Never late than never!

Also, I will start using 5% bp on my back, as I can't really tell if the 2% has done any good. My back breaks out very infrequently anyway, so it's hard to tell if there has been an improvement. Let's see if uping the dosage keeps those breakouts away for good.


So, in summary, good news. After a few months of faithfully applying bp, it has worked! Thanks Dan! :D

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Congrats on your success!

I've tried to grow a beard twice now and couldn't find a way to apply BP; it never really got to the skin. Brushes don't seem to help either. You're not going to get the same absorption as bare skin. Plus, you may eventually lighten your beard. I don't recommend any washes or cleansers that contain BP. That's really not the same approach; I've not had any success with those.

So I decided to keep shaved until quite a while from now. My skin is very sensitive anyway, and the beard tends to irritate at the very least.

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Is the 2% bp aloe avalible online? What is the name of it?

The name of the gel is Peroxiben Plus. It comes in 2.5 (not 2, my mistake), 5 and 10% concentrations. Sorry, I don't know if it is available online. The name of the company that makes it is "Laboratorios Isdin SA".

Almost every pharmacy here has Peroxiben in stock (even though it's made in Barcelona and there's a "boycott" of Catalan products. But nevermind our stupid politcs!). I find it strange that in the US finding a similar gel is so difficult. Oh well, Dan to the rescue!

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I just wanted to add another detail: A few months before I started using bp gel, I started an exercise program. I workout daily for at least 30 minutes. It involves jogging and light training (push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, crunches).

I have heard that exercising can upset acne. This was not so in my case, and the regimen has worked despite my working out (plus I'm in great shape!). So if you are trying to get rid of acne, don't be afraid to try working out. You may be fortunate like me.

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