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Hello all,

I have just signed up today, even though I have visited this site a few times before. I am getting really stressed about my acne problem. I'm sure everyone here would have had this problem some time or other, but maybe I just have a weaker mind to feel the need to blurt my failures out onto the forum. As mentioned in the title, I am trying acupuncture, but more on that later.

first a bio: I am 17 year old chinese male, 5'8" and lanky, and I've had acne problems for almost 5 years now. I am very sporty, and I think I lead quite a healthy lifestyle (no junk food, no late nights, alcohol only on very rare occasions :whistle: ) For whatever reason my skin scars extremely easily. Every defeated zit will leave its own "remember me" on my face. Does anyone have a remedy for marks?

I've had acne on my back from my neck in the hair all the way down to where the pants rest above the ass, as well as spots on the chest. Those have beened cleared up, thankfully, with apple cider vinegar. acne on the face, however, at first mainly broke out on my forehead, but those have ceased and were followed up by pimples on the cheek, which is my main problem. I've tried a lot of products, including a whole range of body shop cleansers and so-called "spot removers". I have also had facials, but none of them have worked. The vinegar that worked for the back just irritates my face. I went to the dermo and he gave me antibiotics on the first visit. they stopped the pimples quite well but once I stopped taking them it all came back again. the beauty parlour I went to also gave me a whole kit of products that would supposedly help, but again none of it worked. Chinese medicine I investigated, and got a huge deal of misery with bitter teas and "remedies" that I'd have to boil first and then coat the skin. My mother makes me bitter melon and celery juice every morning thats supposed to clear out my system. It doesn't work.

However, recently the pimples on the cheek breaking out more and more, and I'd have new heads emerging every day. The doctor has given me the benzoyl preoxide 4%, but even with ample moisterisation, it made my skin flake and peel until it was all red and painful.

In the past 3 weeks, I have tried acupuncture. I have visited the practitioner 3 times, and he would insert needles into my ear at specific pressure points, and then attach it to a battery pack much like you'd attach a lightbulb in science class, to "stimulate" the body. I know this sounds like medieval torture, but actually it doesn't hurt too much, nothing more than a prick of a needle. Anyway, the needles would go in, and the colour would indeed be removed from my skin. all the underlying redness would subside (but the zits and scars would still be there of course). But the next morning it would all come back again. The practitioner says that I have an inefficient liver that causes the toxins to be expelled through the skin, if we can believe what he says. I will pursue this cure for a longer while, but it feels to me as if it is another dead end.

haha I couldn't even write so much in my history essay. but thats my life right there. I plead sincerely to anyone who could help me out with alternatives to the benzoyl peroxide and accutane. I feel like crap. Sorry for rambling on so much.



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I tried accupuncture for a few months. It did nothing for me. But it did make me more relaxed. I also had a few electro accupuncture sessions as well. That was a little weird. I would try different herbal remidies. Experiment with cleansing herbs and herbs that rebuild the system. Try taking omega-3,6, and 9 supplements as well. Remember though, in order to see what works, you must stick with it for at least a month or 2. And don't try everything at once, or you might make things worse. Start off slow, and see how your body reacts. This way your able to see what works, and what doesn't. It took me years of testing supplements to see how much, and which ones work. I'm still trying to understand my body. Research a lot, and don't believe everything you read on these forms. Good luck.

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