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I hate my face.

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Hello all,

I'm a 'noob' when it comes to acne and scarring. My problem is is that I have a large area of highly visible pores underneath my eye area.. It is very frustrating because most of the people I see do not have this. Is there anything I can put on my face to deplete it somewhat, any scar treatment? I also have some smaller scars on the sides of my cheeks too. Any reccomendations for scar treatment with that? I'm willing to save up and spend some money on this because it is so anooying I HATE IT.

I HATE PEOPLE WITH SUCH PERFECT SKIN!! I don't see why I can't be one of them.... :(

ANY help will be appreciated.

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Guest Poker-Butt

post a pic up and then people who know more about scars can try and help ya out when it comes to procedures out there that could work for u

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There are some products which claim to "reduce the appearance of pores" but you can't just up and make your pores smaller. The pores just to the sides of my nose, under my eye area are more visible as well. Haven't been able to change that as of yet. I have some small scars on the sides of my cheeks as well; I haven't found anything that can fix that.

As for scar treatment there are really rough treatments like abrasion and other procedures, but I'm skeptical. There are also some treatments like injecting material underneath the scar to even it out, but again, it's iffy. I've come to accept my scars actually.

If you're still on acne treatment, perhaps they will raise up a little in time. Mine flattened slightly after a few years of being clear.

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