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I'm running out of options here....

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Okay....I'm new here, so here's a quick rundown on my history. I am 25 years old. I have battled acne since I was a teen. It is a combination of cystic acne, along with cluster breakouts that turn into coldsore looking things, only they're on my face. I currently am on the pill (ortho tricyclen lo). I have tried every single OTC cleanser containing either salyclic acid or benzoil peroxide. None of them have really worked for me. I was on Retin-A, Clindamycin, Differin, antibiotics, you name it...I was on it. 6 years ago I went on 6 months of accutane. It worked (after 4 months of intensely horrible acne where I didn't want to leave the house, I wanted to die when I saw how bad my skin was, and it was painful) for only 8 months, then the acne slowly creeped back. I am currently using AcneFree, which is a generic of the Proactiv system. It started out working well for me, but now it is bad again, and I am even continually getting small breakouts on my forehead where I never had before.

It's like everything works for a little while and then the effectiveness wears off. I am thinking I should go back to using the Cetaphil cleanser (I have the generic of it) and moisturizer. Does this work for anyone? I think it sort-of worked for me in the past. It's gotta be cheaper than buying AcneFree.

I am so sick of this and am so jealous when I see people who have clear skin without a single blemish. Then they complain if they get one tiny pimple. I would love to have just one pimple at a time!!!

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Yep, I looked up pictures. They are cold sores. They are usually around my mouth, but sometimes half-on, half-off my lip. But always on my chin around my mouth. They suck real bad. I only get them every 2-4 months or so. Apparently, cold sores can occur really anywhere on your face. Sucks to be me!

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