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Do any of you have dreams of fame?

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I honestly feel i have what it takes to make my dreams come true and gain alot of peoples respect and attention. Thats something i want. I want to be well known, i want people to know who i am, what i do and either love me or hate me for it.

I just feel like my fucking acne is holding me back from pursuing my destiny. I would never post my pic on these boards because in my heart i KNOW what my fate is and i dont want people to be able to me back to my posts on message boards.

I just really wish i didnt have to deal with this. I want to go to a derm and get accutane even tho my acne would probably be considered "mild". The problem is it can get cystic sometimes and that blows because marks last a long ass time. Plus now ive got mild scarring and i dont want to have acne scars.

I want to go to a derm and just be like "fuck all that other bullshit, i have a career im trying to pursue here, i cant fuck with this topical shit just gimme accutane u son of a bitch".

Some of you may think im delusional but i know im not. I have talent in what i want to do, its proven. But thats simply not enough. I dont got time to worry about bumps on my face.

I sometimes wish i could trade problems with people. I would much rather have all kinds of drama in my life and other type of issues if it would mean clear skin, because then you can at least FACE your problems, and i mean that in both literal and rhetorical ways.

When you have acne everything is just that much harder. Getting a fucking job is hard enough let alone with fucked up skin. I dont even want to leave my computer today even though theres shit i really want to do in order to succeed in life.

My mom said im good for nothing and shes right, but its because of my fucking skin not because of who i am and what im capable of. I just dont know what to do. Theres been times where i was holed up in my room for weeks because of an outbreak and that was hell, i dont want to go back in that direciton but as it is right now im heading there.

My parents think im afraid of working for things, but im not. I WANT to work for shit, i want to struggle with REAL stuff, not have to think about how my gotdamn skin looks.

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i used to model and it was no prob getting jobs [models have the worlds worst skin, but are lucky enough to have great makeup artists so you'd never notice it. also in print they're airbrushed and on runways you're not close enough to see it and you can cake on makeup] tho im sure it would have been easier if id had perfect skin, but my self confidence was not high enough to continue. i felt like i coudlnt have people judging me on my looks anymore, that every 'no' was taken personally and that i wasnt a good enough person simply because i didnt have the look they wanted, regardless of if they thought i was attractive.

suck suck suck and now im too old at the ripe old age of 19 lol

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Life sucks, for alot of people. Its easy to look around and see people and think that they dont have any problems. Especially in terms of superficial appearances. And sadly in this fucked up world and even more fucked up country, that sometimes seems to be the most important thing. Its kind of strange and its really a tragedy, that the whole concept of your face, the image you present to the world, your front, your human persona, can be so fucked from a rash. I mean, its messed up, but imagine the really ugly people, the fucked up deformed people with one eye. The freaky screaming guy on the Goonies. They arent movie stars. They are fucked up ugly douchebags relegated to the backwater shit jobs. No one wants to see them, in daily life even, let alone in politics, acting, or even ANY MAINSTREAM PROFESSION. Ask any dumb bitch and theyll know that beauty is important. Sucks more for dudes as we aint supposed to give a shit, and if you do then your a fag. But all i can say is this, shit happens, deal or dont. I could give you a lot of reasons i was holed up in my room for a very long time, serious issues that might make you think twice about moaning about your face. Real life issues, like, you are going to be seriously fucked for the rest of your life. Its a hard hard rub, serious acne or (probably in your case) moderate lil bitch acne like i have. But guess what, for whatever reason, God, genetics, that burrito you ate last week, you have acne.

You have only two options.

1: surrender and let it destroy you, so that you never achieve anything, and on your deathbed when no one visits you, you can blame the acne (or whatever other lil bitch shit you want to blame)

2: Sounds cliche, heartless, dickish, and like im an asshole (but i am so there). But in the end option 2 is

Deal with it. Find a way to live with your flaws. Sure, try to minimize them, do what you can, take care of yourself. But if in the end it comes down to the fact that youve got some shit on your face and it might be there forever. Its definitely there today. You gonna let it fuck your shit up? Or you gonna go live, albeit whatever shitty lil worthless life this fucked up society lets you live cus you aint perfect. Deal, not many people are. Except tenshigirl of course shes hot as hell


p.s. my dreams were crushed a long long time ago, and not by something as miniscule as a pimple

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