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Makeup Ratings Page

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I emailed Dan regarding a Makeup Ratings section, just like the Product Ratings section that is currently in place. Dan thinks its a great idea, however, he needs a list of makeup products.

Here is where you come in....

MESSAGE ME AND IN THE MESSAGE TITLE type the BRAND NAME of the makeup you are using. For instance Bare Minerals, Almay, Covergirl, etc.

In the text type what type of make up it is.....liquid, powder, mineral, concealer.

Please include if you wish, a rating on a scale of 1-5 on the following:

how well it works



(just like the other ratings)

Thank you for all of your help!


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do we have to email ya? or do can we post it in here?

I modified my post, you are right to want to protect your email address, i just thought it would be easier for me because we have limited space in our message boxes. I will remember to check it often. Thanks!!

or just post a link to www.makeupalley.com 1000's of brands and reviews there.

Makeup alley is wonderful (thank you for sharing that with me, it was fun to play around on! :D ), however, it is not really geared toward individuals with acne prone skin. Yes it is true that we all react differently to different products, but we are all here for the same thing--clear skin. I would like to try to help set-up something that is geared toward acne.org users.

I hope to recieve responses soon. Thank you! :razz:

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True, but if you read the reviews you'll find out pretty quickly if it breaks ppl out. I'm not saying it's at all a bad idea to have one here, but IMO it will never come close to the MUA ratings pages in terms of number of reviews and number of products listed. And, dare I say it, while there are more skin types at MUA, there are also more ppl who know what they are talking about both in terms of good/bad ingredients and protective/preventative skincare (never seen a cow manure/jerking off post at MUA lol)

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Hence the 'lol'

But in all seriousness, they would be a lot of upkeep. My preference for MUA is not only the number of reviews but also that the reviews (and posts in general) are screened pretty well. I eventually gave up reading reviews on this site bc of the number which were 1. totally offensive, 2. not informative enough to be useful (ie ppl who write 'this sucks ass') or 3. by people who are expressing how much the WANT to try the product but haven't yet and have rated the product anyway.

If it's done here and ends up with a wide variety of REAL reviews, it would be a great resource to have, it just needs to be done well.

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Guest · Jake ·

From what I've tried I like MAC and CHANEL.

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