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BP shower wash

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I just wanted to share some information to all the other sufferers out there ^^.

A fair while ago (around 10 months) I went to the doctor regarding my body acne and got subscribed some medicines and topical treatments like differin and eryacne. The oral medication was working ok and the topicals were doing crap all so it wasn't really clearing it up fully, so my doctor got me to use "Benzac AC wash" 10% (now using 5%).All it requires is you to apply it like a normal soap on your acne prone areas, wait 30 seconds and wash it off while in the shower.

I find what works best is when you apply it to the skin, then put some on a scrubber and scrub it in a bit so it's basically exfoliating and the bp is getting into the skin aswell. Then you wait the 30 seconds without the water from the shower touching it (I usually sing in my head while waiting for these 30 seconds to pass :P) then wash it off with the aid of the scrubber.

Just thought I'd let yas know because I dont see anything about it anywhere else. I found that it's worked sooo well and convienient cause you just use it rather then normal soap on all your acne prone areas in the shower :)

P.S: hopefully most of your local chemists *should* sell it (all of mine do - i live in Sydney).

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yeah i agree! anyone should just try this no matter how severe or mild. i used the 10% and over time it totally cleared me up. i'd use it twice a day sometimes three times. just lather it up real good and let it soak on your skin. it works wonders. the key is to always use it. try not to skip using it.

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damn i was always off and on with that crap for like a year and it didnt help me at all

now i'm trying some organic apricot scrub....u think i should try the BP wash again? (keep in mind my doctor told me to only use it once a day)


what works great on my face isn't getting the job done AT ALL on my back..my back is sick

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I LOVE BP.....coz it works.....

but i am allergic to it.....i get red patches and burnt skin even if i use it on a spot....and my face looks like somebody beat the crap outta me...lol....hmmmpfh...

any suggestions...i have horrible back acne and even worse scarring....


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