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Wanted to share a few homemade recipes for natural exfoliants I found, if you or anyone is interested (I realized the first two come from websites I enjoy). I may try one of them myself, but soon I will be starting something new so we'll see. :angel: I don't quite know how they would affect those with acne however, but usually it is not recommended to exfoliate when skin is generally irritated or with open wounds or popped pimples.




Edit: This was what I remembered seeing about sugar as an exfoliant (on the show What not to wear):

The sweetest facial ever - Keep sugar packets in your medicine chest. Empty one into your hand, sprinkle the sugar with water, then massage it onto your face in a circular motion, advises makeup artist Carmindy of What Not to Wear. The granules slough off dead cells, leaving you with glowing skin. source: First for Women magazine
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Hey searchingforthesolution thank you for the links, I’m going to try them, I love using home made things. I’ve thought about having a food intolerance/sensitivity test done but have never done it, but I’m starting to think that food does not play a part in my acne. It might make it a little worse, but not the leading suspect. I’ve also thought about having a sensitivity to one of the foods that I’m juicing, I don’t think that it is likely, but you never know :shrug: When I come off of the fast for the frist 3 days or so I’ll slowly add back in food, then I think that I’ll have a list of food that I’ll eat for about 2 weeks, I’ll see how that goes, then if its going good I’ll add in some food and see how that goes, and if its not going good I’ll take out some food. I don’t know if that is what I’m going to do, but that is what I’m thinking right now. Also the fast might not get me clear, so then I’ll just eat a healthy diet. If anyone has any ideas about getting off the fast and seeing what foods might give me acne please let me know. I fell like what I’m doing is a little extreme, I never thought that I would do this much just to see if something *might* make me clear. I really hope that this helps :pray:

Day 14

I got some new pimples today, one really big painful one on my chin. Felling a little down about my skin today, hopefully I’ll fell better tomarrow. I went to got see the movie “The New World� it was really good :)

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Day 15

Wow I’m already half way done (maybe)! Last night I tried a cucomber mask, I REALLY liked it. It made my skin fell so nice and smooth. I’m going to use it 2-3x’s a week now. My skin is also looking better, I still have that break out (mostly on the left cheek and some on the chin) I’ve stated using a spot treatment on my acne called “Near Magic Ultimate Healing Oil� all it has in it is sesame oil and Indian frankincense. I was thinking I’ve heard that it takes about 2 weeks for a pimple to form, so maybe now that I’m past 2 weeks I’ll start getting clearer :razz:

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Stop fasting! I have done fasting so many times and i will list its side effects

1. The loss of protiens in the body causes severe hair loss after few days

2. Your bodys immune system deteriorates fast

3. Your skin although becomes glowing during first few days will begin to loose its lustre and it will become saggy(its happened to me i can send you pictures if you dont believe)

4. Your metabolic rate drops, so does your healing capacity. B complex vitamins are fundamental to healing and they are not abundant in fruits or juices.

5. The moment you get back to normal diet, all the good effects you had will reverse

Good effects

1. Makes you slim (but does not retain that state you'll be back again)

2. Makes your skin loose all whiteheads(but that comes back after you start eating normally)

3. Helps your digestive system (but later causes irritable bowel) if prolonged for more than a week

So i wont say fasting is bad...but dont do it for more than five days!! It causes several other side effect. Please trust me..i used to fast for my weight problems but i have come to realise its not good it done for prolonged periods!!

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Ok now I’m a little afraid. After reading what you said and also earlier today I took a nap, I had a dream that I could turn invisible. So in the dream I went invisible then I went all numb (I don’t know if I really went numb or if it was just in the dream) Any way I woke up thinking “I don’t want to die yet!� Then I thought to myself “Maybe I should stop the fast� I don’t know my be it was just a dream. Thinks for letting me know what happened to you, I’ll give it some thought, I’m really missing food anyways, I don’t know I’ll sleep on it. Do you have any bad side effects now, or did it all go away? Thanks again.

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Day 16

My face is looking really good, I’m so happy! I do have a new pimple forming on my chin, when is it ever going to stop! >_< Ok after doing a lot of reading about juice fast, I’m going to…stop… in a way. I’m going to start talking “MedidClear� it’s a rice protein/supplement it has lots of vitamins in it. I’ve read that if you do a juice fast for over 10 days you should take a good rice protein. So I’m slowly starting to put it in my diet. To see what is in it click here. After x amount of days I’m going to slowly start eating raw/steamed/baked etc. vegetables (still drinking juice.) I tried one of the masks that Searchingforthesolution posted (the last one) it was ok, it mad my face a little red, don’t know if I’ll do it again, but I’ll try the other ones.

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Hi olive

Yes so far i have fasted for a cumilative of about 34 days ...distributed over 10/12 days every time. But Although i achieved good amount of wight loss and maintaing a healthy weight now...am still facing some severe side effects. The worst is the under eye dark circles and wrinkles. My face looks saggy :( i look much older than my age... and even worse is my hair fall. I feel like crying i had soo much hair :sick: ...i have lost thousands of hairs!! in lumps of strands..i lose hair even if i run my fingers through it...now am taking vitamin suppliments for my hair!! Oh god .... i had very very thick hair and now if you look at me you'll see how much hair i have lost....in just a coupel of weeks!! Loosing hair is worse than having acne trust me! Hair will seldom grow back....am just praying.

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Awakened_soul, I’m sorry to here that that’s happened to your hair, hope that you find something to help it.

Day 17 :think: don’t know if I should call it that, seeing as that I’m don’t doing the fast any more

No changes today, I used a cucumber mask this morning. I’m a little sick today, nothing to bad, I think it might be from being around smoke over the weekend, my throat has been a little funny ever since. I drink some miso broth to help it. I might start eating some vegetables tomorrow :dance:

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