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Hey guys,

I posted about this a little over a week ago - I'm currently using Benzaclin for my acne. You're supposed to use it twice a day, but I had to cut it down to once due to overdrying. Even at once a day, it's still drying as a mofo in winter. As a moisturizer, I'm currently using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion for Sensitive Skin and it's doing fairly well in copious amounts, but I've still got a LOT of flaking going on.

Can anyone recommend a really strong moisturizer that won't break me out? I don't want to stop using the Benzaclin because it's awesome!



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DDF makes pretty good products overall -- I've had too many problems with Neutrogena so I don't buy anything from that brand anymore. Anyway, I really like the DDF Organic SPF 30. It's a good moisturizer that's a thickish lotion with lots of antioxidants and physical sunscreen, but there's no acid in there so it won't dry you out further. This doesn't break me out, and I get allergic reactions and clogged pores pretty easily so I think it's a good bet. If you want something from the ds, Eucerin Q10 Cream is great stuff, also doesnt cause breakouts and is very hydrating, but is less matte than DDF and has no SPF. It's a good night cream.

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Like Baptista, I have had problems with Neutrogena products. I have very sensitive skin and after trying many different products, I've recently found my perfect moisturizer - Olay Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin. It was a impulse purchase, and imagine my surprise when what seems like a heavy duty cream work like a charm for my face. I have oily skin but dehydrated surface and none of what I've used (not even Jojoba oil) has been able to improve my skin texture. But with the Olay moisturizer, my skin is now smoother and glowy and it's not oily at all (at least for my skin), annnnnd no breakouts! Worth a try. ;)

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