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Illegal Life

Ive come to the conclusion I am cursed.

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Since school started back naturally now my face decides to break out worse than ever. It seems when I isolate myself like during the Christmas holidays I had nothing, I had contact with no one during that period and felt I was entering 2006 a "new man" so to speak. So much for that bullshit.

It's just like this past summer, I isolated myself from everyone had nothing, school starts back and my face dies like usual.

Fuck this bullshit

And we gotta take senior cap and gown pictures Tuesday. Basically hate my life

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:( oh hun, i know how u feel...how about u try putting more of the treatment you put on your face or try putting on a cleansing mask or a warm towel to get all the yuckies out? I know, high school, especially senior year is tough but just try not to be too stressed and drink lots of water and your skin might clear up a little bit in time for pictures..get a really nice haircut and bleach your teeth maybe for you to have something else in your picture that stands out if all else fails....good luck and know that i feel exactly ..you need to, to stay sane :shifty:
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Same happened me last summer, skin was relatively clear, then in the few days before school started back I got a fucking horrible breakout.

Even my mam said somethin like,"Oh it's terrible how you're skin was so great all summer"... Ah well, fuck it, it's somethin some of us just have to deal with.

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