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prescription bp and mircette results

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i have almost completed a month on mircette (birth control) after switching from orthotricyclen (which i was on only 3 months but had to switch because my military clinic stopped carrying it) and have noticed the same trend of no cystic acne on my chin (as opposed to before [a small amount like one, maybe two at a time every week or every other week]) as with ortho. by the way, mircette gave me no side effects as with ortho i had my period for a month and was nauseous alot. also...

i had went to my doctor asking for a dermatologist referal but she said that i wasnt that bad and prescribed me 10% bp instead. after using it for like 2 days or so of course my skin was excessively dry and pink and uncomfortable (if not in pain). i was wondering in which order i should apply it (before or after moisturizer), and found this site. i thought that it made sense to use a lower strenghth bp formula as stated on the regimen pages for the fact that i know that your skin will overcompensate for dryness by producing more oil so i quit using the doctor prescibed bp and used my proactive moisturizer (after washing with purpose facial cleanser). well nothing happened for a few months so i decided to try the doctor prescribed formula.

well its been less than a month and i went from having so many little tiny backheads and whiteheads on my forehead that i couldnt really count (im pretty sure it was somewhere between 70 to 80 total bumps) to about 30...and i can actually see spaces in between them so im not losing count like before. yup, so my advice would be to try a prescribed formula of 10% bp even if you have tried an over the counter product with unsatisfactory results. i know i havent gotten any results with otc bp's except clearasil total control (but it has alpha hydroxy and i think thats why my skin felt like sand paper. it wasnt really that dried out it was just rough textured im guessing from cell turnover because it was not like that with other clearasil. i think the milling on the prescribed formula is of better quality therefore reaching smaller molecule size or whatever and in that sense is easier to absorb into the skin

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