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Hi everyone,

I couldn't find many benzoyl peroxide gels at my local drug store when I first started following the regimen, and I wasn't able to find much information about the brands that WERE available here. I decided to be bold and just try one nearly at random, and settled on 5 Benzagel. Its been working really well, so I decided to add a little review of it here so that others will have an idea of what its like.


For starters, I'm in my mid-twenties, and since my teens I've had what I'd call "mild to moderate" acne, localized primarily on my cheeks and temples, with the occasional breakout along my jawline and on my chin - a pretty wide area, all told. I've tried all kinds of face soaps and other tricks that helped a little, but never really did the trick. Thats when I turned to this website and bought the Benzagel.

Starting out

Nervous about stories of burning and itching, I first tried about a quarter-finger of the stuff on a small patch of skin. I washed before hand, and moisturized afterwards, as instructed. It felt a little tight while I waited before applying the moisturizer, but there was no itching, burning, pain or redness.

The next day I tried about a half finger, and applied it over my face entirely. Same deal: Just some tightness from the drying effect, which is easy to endure for 15 mins or so before the moisturizer goes on. I kill time by reading or playing with the dog.

Over the course of about four or five days I worked up to two full fingers of the stuff (see the diagrams and videos on the site for an idea of how much that is). It can get pretty tight on the face, but its really not a problem at all. Still no burning or itching to speak of.

Where I am now

Its been about three weeks now, and I'm still using the same amount. I'm still on my first bottle of Benzagel, though it feels like it will run out soon. I have had at most 3 new pimples in the last three weeks, none of which have lasted for more than a day or so. This is a HUGE improvement! There is still some redness leftover from my last breakout, but its healing up normally and I expect to have completely clear skin in another week or so. Honestly, I can't believe the difference.


There are only a few problems I've had with Benzagel. The first is that, when I apply my moisturizer, it clumps up a lot and has to be basicly rubbed off my face, which is kinda gross. It takes maybe an extra five minutes to get the stuff all off, thats all. Not a major problem, but maybe one that could be avoided with another gel.

The other problem, which is pretty common to all benzoyl peroxide products from what I gather, is that I managed to slightly bleach one of my shirts. It was new, too! Argh! I was careless and slipped it on over my head about five minutes after I applied the gel. It was all dry at the time, so I figured there was no harm.. yeah, I was wrong. Next time the shirt went in the wash (water seems to activate the change) parts of it had turned from green to red, and the shirt is effectively ruined. Don't make this mistake!

Other products I use

For a while I was using a Neutrogena face soap, but I worried that this was drying my face out too much in combination with the Benzagel, so I switched to this soap by Herbal Logix (formerly CLear Logix I think). Its hard to come by, but my housemate and I both use it and love it. Yeah, it sorta smells weird, but by the time I'm done with my regimen I smell like my moisturizer anyway.

Speaking of moisturizers, I currently use a funky moisturizer from the Body Shop thats made from grapeseeds or something like that. Hell, I don't know, it was a gift. All I know is that it goes on really smoothly, its not oily, and it makes my skin feel better than any of the other moisturizers I've tried. Yeah, its girly, but it works, and it smells nice too. ^_^


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