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Since everyone is talking about relationships, Girls with acne vs Guys with acne who has it easier?

Single Male vs Single Female Poll  

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  1. 1. Are you male or female?

    • Male
    • Female
  2. 2. Are You Single?

    • Yes
    • No

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okay, first of all, im going to be real, but i am so jealous of females, cause no matter what, they have such a EASY freakin time when it comes to getting the opposite sex...

yeah there are some girls that have a hard time but i guarantee its not as hard as a low self esteem - fat-acne ridden guy.

woman always say "we have a hard time because of the image society wants us to potray"


if thats the case how come i rarely see a single female these days? theyre like an endargered species...i work with majority women and 90% of them are "involved".

i have seen fat girls, acne ridden girls, quiet girls, nerdy/weird girls, smelly girls (lol) all getting guys.

if youre a guy on the other hand, its easy for a handful of guys (who are the alpha males) who have confidence, tall dark and handsome, making good money, etc....the rest of us are FUCKED.

it seems like men chase EVERY woman but women are chasing after the SAME MAN. the alpha male is able to capitalize off of this fact.

if you are a guy with no confidence, acne or not, youre screwed period....

its amazing cause i have a friend who the girls think is cute(he also has crystal clear skin lol), but his personality is kinda quiet cause hes shy and introverted....

now if he was a girl best believe he wouldve had a ton of guys by now...."shes quiet? she has no personality? who cares shes looks good"

but because my friend lacks "game"/personality/confidence, he is fucked....hes very frustrated and bitter against women because he doesnt understand.

so if youre a male/female and single, click yes.

im willing to bet money that there is a higher percentage of single males than females on this board.

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honestly.....yea girls seem to "get" guys easier sure.....but the guys have to get the girls most times too...it's not a one-way street by any means....and myself, im single but i choose to be because there's no one around at the moment either a) up to my standards b) worthy of the faithfulness and effort and love i put into a relationship....if you have a nice personality and the person appreciates you for that she will find things about u that she finds attractive and thus may allow you to "get" her or vice versa

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Girls have it much easier, IMO. I am female and I am married. I caught my man before I started to break out ;) Now he's stuck with me, bad skin and all, for better or worse and all that crap.

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